Branson, Missouri

Bluegreen sales is a slick, highly rehearsed, "razzle-dazzle" operation. They prey on your desire to take vacations and ask you personal questions, so they can tell you exactly what you want to hear.

They smile, act like they are your friend, then they tap-dance around your questions by saying "when you sign your paperwork you will get a brand new bag of books and info that will answer all your questions in detail. At minimum, their pitch is misleading, and in some cases they are downright untruthful - either directly or by omission. Then they send you away with that "bag of lies" full of glossy resort information, and deep financial commitment with perpetually increasing maintenance fees - that will never break even.

Do lots of research before your sign, or be informed in advance on the process to break the contract legally shortly after you sign. Otherwise you will be stuck, stuck, stuck.

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So far so good.


If you researced how to use it, and educated yourself, you would not feel stuck... I LOVE my Bluegreen !


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