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My fiance and I went to one of their presentations. We are landlords to several rental properties (for home life, not vacation rentals).

We were already on vacation and were approached at Mount Olympus. We had to give then a refundable $20 deposit to make sure we showed up. Plus we were offered a $50 gift card to Mount Olympus and a $50 gift card to another restaurant of our choosing. The 90 minute presentation took another 2 hours to get out of.

We said, no, no, no, no, (we are saving our money to purchase another rental property). It sounded wonderful and we were really tempted but we kept saying no because of the rental property. However, we did agree to come back if we were interested. I am so glad that I looked up this company.

I would NEVER, EVER, NEVER, EVER do business with this company. We ha to fight to get out $20 back, (they "forgot"). They also tried to shortchange us with the gift certificates. I will say that the gift certificates did work but you had to jump through some hoops for them to work.

The salesman was nice until he realized that we really meant no. They kept coming back with different offers and we would think about it for a second and then focus on our priority (new rental property). With that being said, it seems like it is a really expensive, complicated way to book a vacation. Red, blue, green and whatever other colors to "book" vacations and lack of availability is interesting.

I mention this because they made a big deal to tell me how many rooms are available "today." But as it turned out, most of these places were in areas that are not considered "vacation" areas.

If I check out "Motel A" worldwide, it may have 10,000 rooms available but if I check out, New Orleans, Maui, Orlando, etc, then it would be a challenge to find rooms and even more of a challenge if only ten rooms were available to rent out to millions of people (Bluegreen owners) but could still claim that "YOU" could possibly rent this room during "(insert holiday here)." Seems like I could save myself a lot of money by trying it on my own and not being obligated to give Bluegreen my money + endless amounts of maintenance fees (MF) and special assessment fees and etc. So glad that I did my research and did not fall for the okey doke.

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