New Castle, Delaware
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I am pleased with my Blugreen experience. Because we joined Choice hotels group, we got a call from Blugreen. The destination was Savannah and since we had a son in Georgia we decided to go. Our hotel was the Holiday Inn which was much nicer than the accommodations we would have chosen for ourselves

I was worried about the two hour salespitch because I had heard that timeshares take you away by yourselves and really wear you out. That was not our experience -- we were always in a room with many other people. The salesman who delivered the power point presentation made a misstep in what he told me. He asked "How many of you have had 'the conversation'?". He explained "You know -- where you say 'We'll go but we won't buy'. Well we know from experience that half of you will buy, and half of you won't".

As soon as I heard that I relaxed. We were not going to be the only couple in the room who didn't sign on.

We were then taken back to our cubicle, and the deal was explained. $20,000 equals 20,000 points or whatever. There was a paper in front of us and circles and arrows were being drawn all over it in black marker and I was totally lost. The closer arrived and offered us various deals which I didn't understand either. My husband began to weaken saying to me "Well what do you think?". I said No, No, No. The closer said to me "What could I do to change this deal so you would accept it? I said " Nothing". And that was pretty much it -- the closer left, our salesman walked us to the door and we were free to enjoy 2 and1/2 days in Savannah.

Two suggestions: We memorized the line from their letter "you are under no pressure or obligation to buy anything" and we were prepared to recite it if we felt they were going too far.

Second even if you are sure you want to buy, act reluctant and they will keep sweetening the deal.


Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Where was the Holiday Inn they put you in? Was it at least in the historic district?

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