Rome, Georgia

I am not writing a complaint about Bluegreen. I have read some of the reviews below and I am stuned.

I have owned since 1999 and have LOVED mine. If you know how to use your points you can vacation more than a week out of the year. We vacation 4 times out of the year but that is because we know how to use them and that is with only having the 8000 points we have. We have children too and we dont have to take them out of school to vacation.

The best way to learn about Bluegreen is from anoter owner. And the blackout dates I am not sure of...maybe its just the type of packages you have purchased because I dont have blackout dates with my ownership.

I hate to hear that there are so many of you that are not happy with Bluegreen but it has really been a great investment for my family and has saved of thousands of dollars on taking vacations. And since my husband is reaching retirement we just upgraded a month ago to 12,000 points which will give us more than 4 weeks of vacation a year.

Thanks for reading,

The Happy Bluegreen Owner

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I, too, am a happy bluegreen owner. I started with 8000 annual points and did run into some difficulties.

But I studied and planned in advance (most jobs want you to plan your vacation at the first of the year), and was able to get most everything I wanted within a week or two of the dates I preferred.

I have upgraded twice so that I can vacation more. And, I am finding that with the bad economy I can get anywhere, anytime I want as long as I book it 10-11 months out.


Dear happy happy bluegreen owner,

I will sell you my points- 1/2 cost at Bluegreen



1/2 price, so you can have more wonderful time off. Call me


some people dont have such great flexibility with vacation time with their jobs. this is not a club that caters to people with jobs.

i brought this in 2004 and have only used once. everytime i call to see if something is available it isn't. I'm spending more money cause i end up having to get a hotel when i vacation. Timeshares are the worst for people who have jobs.

You retired people should buy them off of the people who were sold it as a place that has flexibilty - it doesn't! I specifically asked about felxibility during the presentation and they said they always had it - well thats just a lie!

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