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We attended a 'sales presentation' back in May. The 90mins was actually over 4 hours of really hard sell. If you ask to leave they tell you you can't or you don't get the stuff promised (never clear if this includes being over charged for the hotel you are staying in either). So you stay and finally they get to this 'magical' deal of a lifetime, so you sign thinking you got what you were promised and heavily sold on. Ten minutes for some girl in a box like office to read the contract (and record it) and you are on your way to 'as many wonderful vacations as you like' and 'in awesome resorts all over the world' where 'you can take the entire family', blah blah blah.

30 days later once you go live online for booking (and long past the cut off to cancel) you can't see the resorts you were told about, promised or actually would want to go to. So you wait a little longer to go live online with RCI and see the same thing. Doubt sinks in and you wonder what you really have purchased.

Then the truth hits at the call back visit when they tell you "you don't have enough points" or "buy more points and you will be able to book". You are told that the package you have is "great, but" you can only book 2-4 days in off seasons in out of the way places you would not really want to visit anyway and to rub salt into the wound we can only do this every other year! So you explain what you were told to the new sales rep and she tells you "you were misled", "you have been not correctly informed" and you "really should get in touch with head office". She is scared to tell you much as she needs her job, but at least she had some personal integrity.

So you do that and then starts the nastiness, rude staff, unreturned calls, complete lack of respect and support. They do not listen to your complaints or really even care. We were clearly lied to by the sales staff and their repeated response is "you signed the binding contract". They do not care what you were told nor promised as "you signed".

The overall impression I get from this company is that the sales staff can do and say whatever they like and the head office folk don't care one way or another.

Next step is to stop paying as what is the use, throw more money out the window or risk losing our credit? I don't care about the credit rating as I cannot justify working hard to have my money stolen after clear lies.

Tried Better Business Bureau, but Bluegreen don't care they have your money and a legal document. So we will just sit back and see if they continue to chase us and try to sue us for the money. We are not citizens and returning to our home country in a few months, so lucky in this regard.

A word of warning to anyone visiting Bass Pro - avoid the booth, do not buy a package to visit for a presentation, do not trust this company, avoid any dealings with them as they are rude, nasty, liars who skirt around their practices with small print and big promises.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Rewards Program.

Reason of review: product completely misrepresented by sales staff.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Bluegreen Resorts Cons: That they are not holding up to they sales peoples statements, Employees make excuses, Misrepresentation, Cancellation period expires before you gain online access, Rude staff.

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Very high pressure in signing, experience told me to research first. SURPRISE!


Yeah, I think every adult with a fully functioning brain knows better than to buy into these timeshare scams.

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