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In a March 2016 I was contacted by the BlueGreen marking department with this fantastic offer for a three night stay in Charleston if we would just listen to a 90 pitch for their timeshare program. When I hesitated a little they threw in a Getaway trip and a 5 night cruise out of Charleston! I asked a few more questions about specifics regarding the gift cards and extra costs/options and here is what I was will get 2 $100 gift cards that you can use at any restaurants, a Getaway, and the five night cruise. You just pay $275 up front. Later, I upgraded to the King Charles Hotel in old Charleston for $147 more.


The $200 in gift cards are actually cards for a discount good at only a few locations....not worth anything. The cruise(which we haven't done) is a cruise that you have to put a deposit down on and that cost you $238 each for taxes, fees, etc. there may be additional costs that are not explained upfront. The Getaway also requires a $100 deposit and then a nightly fee of about $29-$59 per night

So, don't think you are getting something for nothing. The three nights cost $422 for lodging plus gas and food. The dining cards are worth nothing, the cruise will cost you $476 plus expenses, and the Getaway will cost you. The BlueGreen presentation is typical timeshare high pressure and plan on 3 hours....just say no up front and stick with it! If this still sounds like a good deal, okay....just go into it with your eyes open!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I'm a owner. I paid a $50.00 registration fee to use my gift offer to stay anywhere I wanted on a list I was provided.

I wanted Hawaii. Guess what, booked for 13 months. Lady says "well its based on availability." Really, what availability?

I suspect "availability" was very limited or none. I'm now out 50 bucks.


Typical timeshare come-on. They are not "giving" you anything. The timeshare industry considers prospects as "mooches." I consider them as "victims." Thanks for the details.

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