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Okay so here is what this vacation agency did to our family. Last year we traveled with Bluegreen Vacations and loved it! We were so impressed with the property and the staff. When we saw another great deal we couldn't wait to jump on it and this time we were definitely investing in their time shares. So in April 2015 we signed up for our vacation at $199 for 5 days at Myrtle Beach, SC with a free 5 day cruise to the Bahamas after our trip. Too good to be true right? I would've thought so if I hadn't traveled with them before. So in April we signed up and that day we booked our dates in June for our trip. We were warned when we were booking that there could be some travel restrictions but if there were any, red flags would come up. No red flags came up so we continued with our booking. Then for the last two months we have patiently been excited and waiting for our family beach trip. Exactly 7 days before we are to check-in at our hotel I call to confirm the reservation. A redflag popped up saying we are traveling too soon. Eventually I was transferred to a supervisor, Fernando. I was informed that we could not go on our vacation for another 4 months! Well as a teacher that wouldn't work. I only have the summer to travel. He told me as a teacher I should have the ability to read into any details. I told him I did. I spent over an hour with a vacation specialist going over every little detail before I signed up. How did it get missed then? How did it get missed days later when our vacation was completely booked? How could they make us cancel our trip a week before our trip. He was so rude to me. He talked to me like we were criminals and tried to 'cheat the system'. Really? A teacher and a cop, a family of 5, with kids with special needs, tried to 'cheat the system'? How dare he?! And when I asked him this he refused to go into any more 'details' just kept accusing me of using a different email address even though I had 6 emails from them to my email address! I am disgusted with this company and how unprofessional they are. Please don't trust them with your money. They do not care about you or your family.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Package Booking.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: We would like our beach trip back as promised .

Bluegreen Resorts Cons: Being lied to, Sales, Deception, Misleading information.

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First pay attention.

You have to use the vacation time to appreciate it.

Do buy what u need..

We have stayed in. Nice rooms.

But with amount of owner's.

And the amount of time you preplan can deturman what is available..

They put us in the Hilton a time or two. . But in a regular hotel.

But 99% of the time we in nice resorts. Been owners for years

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