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I'm a choice diamond elite and last year alone I stayed at over 200 choice hotel locations. Choice Hotels prompted me to this offer and I accepted.

I had no problem until bluegreen vacations started to harass me with tons of phone calls. I asked them to stop and I was told I was put on their do not call list. I was not, the calls continued. During one call I made an inquiry for lodging in Gatlinburg, TN.

I was told that the cabin is normally $577 during this time of year because of chirstmas. THIS IS A LIE!!!!!!! I called and they laughed and told me it had never been that much. I was also told that they could get me a deal for only $90 per night plus my promotion.

So for 3 nights I'm paying my $200 or $250 + another $270. Divide that by three nights. Its over $150 per night. Guess how much the cabin cost just calling them or booking online??

$111 !!!! RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!! At this point I caught them in lies and I was tired of being harassed, so I asked for a refund. They declined due to their policy, although I have a recording on my phone of their manager stating he will be refunding my money :) This recording will be going to small claims court with me.

They will be paying me my money back, plus court costs, lawyer fees, and appropriate damages for my time and my personal losses. You have an option people, call choice hotels today, don't let this continue!!! Below is a comment I made on another person's post regarding the same exact situation.

I'm going through the same thing right now.

You have options people! I gave choice over 20K in business last year, if they don't help. My business goes to another company. Its plain and simple if you have been burned by bluegreen because choice hotels made you the offer, then you stop staying at choice hotels and let me know you won't stay there until its resolved.

Do you think they are going to let this *** company continue to do business this way? I don't. And if they do, they'll lose 20,000 for a few hundred dollar scam. And by the way, read the comment below titled DUH.

This is from bluegreen obviously.

If my money is not refunded, I will be taking them to small claims. I'll get it out of them one way or another.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Bluegreen Resorts Cons: Quality of accommodation, Having to play the game, Sales.

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Today I was not able to get pre approved for a apt mortgage due Atalantic Palace time share under this despicable management! I just love the fact that I am not the only one disgusted with them!

They have their lying despicable mark on my credit report!

And in the meantime, via all these comments sooner or later they are going into bankruptcy themselves! The comments and my truth says it all!

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