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How To Get OUT of “Bluegreen” or ANY “Time Sharing” Contract

(Four Steps to be FREE of Bluegreen)

So many hundreds of people have commented on this blog that they wish to get out and quit Bluegreen. They also have commented that they are angry that they got scammed and wish that everyone complaining about Bluegreen can combine forces TOGETHER to quit Bluegreen and get out. Here is the way to STICK-IT to Corrupt Bluegreen and bankrupt them in FOUR STEPS!

1) Find at least 30 PEOPLE who feel the same disgust for “Bluegreen” as you do and who wants OUT! This should not be that difficult. Just look at this website ( and also Google other websites to find them. Then post your email and contact information on this and other blogs. Just cut and paste all of this instruction into your post. Post these steps EVERYWHERE on the Internet (freeing people from the pain of Bluegreen).

2) Find ONE person who has “BAD CREDIT” anyway. Make sure you tell them the TRUTH on how “Bluegreen” Scam you and others (tell that person everything). Make sure that person has nothing to lose (as a home or car or property). Make sure he would not mind legally declaring bankrupt to legally FREE all his financial debt. In exchange he would MAKE $30,000 free money for doing nothing. This person can be YOUR NEPHEW or NIECE or NEIGHBOR or YOUNGER BROTHER or COUSIN or some RELATIVE or even a COWORKER or a FRIEND or a HOMELESS GUY who has a valid SSN. As long as the person is legally 21 years old or over and don’t mind declaring bankrupt.

3) The 30 PEOPLE you found who feels the same disgust for “Bluegreen” as you do will ALL sell their “Bluegreen Contract” over to this ONE SAME PERSON in #2 above. Sell it to him for “One Cent”. That means that the “One Same Person” in #2 above will spend a total of “Thirty Cents” to legally buy 30 PEOPLE “Bluegreen Contracts”, thus LEGALLY FREEING ALL 30 PEOPLE from the financial burden of “Bluegreen”. You are now LEGALLY totally FREE and OUT of “Bluegreen”. There are currently a number of people already selling “Bluegreen Contracts” on (check and see). However, nobody is buying them because there is no incentive to buy the junk contracts!

4) Your question now is why on earth would the “One Person” in #2 above (perhaps a nephew) buy a worthless “Bluegreen Contract” and take on the financial BURDEN of 30 STRANGERS? The answer is for two reasons:

Reason 1: He will never pay “Bluegreen” a dime but will legally declare bankrupt anyway which will legally release all the financial burden from him and back to “Bluegreen”.

Reason 2: Each of the “30 People” above will have to pay this “One Person” some kind of incentive for RESCUING and FREEING them out of “Bluegreen”. I say each of the 30 Strangers should pay him $1,000 each (the price of Bluegreen’s yearly maintenance fee). That adds up to $30,000 free cash for this “One Person” who has bad credit anyway.

The Result – A Win-Win-Win Situation:

A) You are now FREE of “Bluegreen”

B) The person who freed you is $30,000 richer ($1,000 from each of the 30 Strangers)

C) After that “One Person” declares bankrupt, all the Bluegreen Contracts and properties will legally go back to Bluegreen. If 30 different strangers keeps on repeating this same cycle over-and-over again many times, hundreds of properties will be returned to Bluegreen after bankrupt. Bluegreen will have to pay for the property taxes (maintenance fee) on ALL those properties by themselves, thus sooner or later bankrupting Bluegreen (a corrupt company gone).


A) Make sure when this “One Person” (perhaps a Nephew that’s 21 years old or older) declares bankrupt, make sure that the $30,000 is not in his name. Make sure he puts it in Mommy & Daddy’s name or anyone else so that the government won’t take it away in the bankruptcy procedures.

B) If the “30 Strangers” legally sell their property to this “One Person” using or some other way, make sure you don’t get SCAM again and that “One Person” don’t *** with your $1,000 without signing the contract and buying your “Bluegreen Contract”. Look at and make sure your contract states that this “One Person” is buying your “Bluegreen Contract Time Share” for “One Cent” (don’t get rip off). Make sure this “One Person” pays you the “One Cent” to make the contract binding legally. Feel free to improve, revise or work out any bugs in this system.

Have fun STICKING IT TO BLUEGREEN (a corrupt company)! – Sincerely SRDEDC

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $18000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Bluegreen Resorts Cons: It was a scam, Quality of accommodation, Deception, Misleading information.

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