Las Vegas, Nevada

Blue Green resorts hires the oiliest sales people imaginable. Don Allen Holbrook is hawking timeshares for them in Las Vegas. He has been fired from 2 eceonomic developer positions and not renewed for a third. He declared bankruptcy in 2007 writing off almost 2 million in debt including a whopping 1.29 million in legal fees. He filed once again in 2011 even though he has been claiming to have developed 100s of projects that created 50,000 jobs and are worth billions of dollars. He has not substantiated any of that and journalists who have researched him extensively can't find anything even close.

Holbrook's LLCs made a cool 1.2 million dollars and he was wined and dined extravagantly on the taxpayers dime for the proposed and perpetually stalled EarthQuest mega-destination theme park in which he has had a hand in every pie. Holbrook sued all the journalists, newspapers, bloggers and taxpayers including myself that commented on this boondoggle. He was laughed out of Ohio court for lack of jurisdiction. He has made a career of threatening people and filing lawsuits at the drop of a hat. He claims to be a wildly successful author and speaker, but his bankruptcies show no income from either of those professions. He has fraudulently passed himself off as a Phd. Numerous publications over many years have published about his nefarious activities.

Why would a legitimate company hire someone like this???? Please Google Don Allen Holbrook and get the facts before he schmoozes you into a timeshare you don't need and can't afford!

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Don, whatever happened to your investment into the ATM business back in the 90's that was going to make you "rich"? It appears you continue your path of get rich quick schemes and you've certainly got what has been coming to you.

I've know you in the past and have heard many of your fantastic stories of which many were far fetched to say the least. Have you not learned anything good to this date?

Also, were you also not a Navy Seal or something like that you had claimed in your "past" life as well? Surprised you don't put that in your resume etc...

How can your "family" even still be with you going thru all the lies and deception you bring to most of the things you've touched in your life?

Maybe they are of the same cloth.... gypsies looking for their next mark...


Don Allen Holbrook lost his lawsuit against the numerous journalists, bloggers and newspapers that commented on his Earthquest billion dollar failed theme park. Now he is making thinly veiled death threats in a desperate attempt to silence his legitimate critics:

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