Livingston, New Jersey

I'm SO glad we entered a drawing at Bass Pro Shops! We got a call, paid 200 bucks and had a great three nights in St.

Augustine! We ended up purchasing and they were not at all pushy! They didn't have to be because it sells itself! Thank you BlueGreen!

We bought a sampler package and just paid it off. We will be transferring the sampler to a membership very soon. There are so many AMAZING incentives including low airfare and low cruise prices. We are about to book our second trip and are so excited!

Even if and when we run out of points for the year, hotel rates are super low with BlueGreen! Y'all must be talking about a different company.

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wow.. amazing...

more misinformation,,, I own a sampler.. and as was stated.. I could use it 30 days after I signed for it. as for paying it off first before use?

I call BS.. I am still paying for mine.. have 6 mos to finish paying it off.. and have already used half of the poitns..

and am booked for the other half. I am not have not been nor will ever be an employee of BG. I live in Wichita, ks... and have used my points in Branson, and Myrtle beach,SC.

I do not reccommend buying from BG directly... I reccomend buying "used" Timeshare from ebay or other sources.. can get them for pennies a point instead of dollars. dont get all the perks..

BUT get all the vacationing ... so just because you have chosen to not try to use the points you bought the way they are supposed to be used does not mean you cannot use them.

do yourself a favor and try to educate yourself.. you might be a little happier about your purchase..


I just paid 99.00 upfront for a 3/2 stay (sunday-thursday) at My choice of destination.

the salesman advised I would be responsible for taxes. he also advised I can change/upgrade when I call to book.

He also recommended that I do the resort upgrad (at an additional 40-50 dollars. I want to go to the smokey mountatins in TN - are you saying that I won't be at the resort and booked in a substandard hotel?

- Also re; comments from "Anonymous"; since when do people from NJ say ya'll? (just sayin...)


Jimbob you are flogging a dead horse these people do not want to learn how to use it ,they only want abuse those who can.

Please have your answer ready because it sure will come .... which part of Bluegreen do you work for .....

since anyone who knows how to use it or even tries to educate these people must work for BG. Everyone knows there can be no happy owners lol


I have been an owner of bg for over 10 years. My initial experience was not pleasant.

When I called to scheduled our first vacation' there was no available inventory.

No one informed us that it is best to schedule well in advance therefore I lost those points. I have had other issues with BG where it has either cost me points and/or money, usually due to an inaction on my behalf.

Learn the rules and play by them and enjoy the vacation time you paid for.


I had just a little taste of BG. It is a time share, RUN!!! They got me for a few hundred, I got away cheap.


HC see you are at it again what happened have they thrown you out of the Ritz carlton

Why do some of you people think that happy owners must work for Bluegreen get a life you lot and enjoy some holiday time


Another "happy owner". googling the Bluegreen scam ????? Hmmmmm


Your comment about the sampler is incorrect. I am doing my second sampler and got my points within 30 days of purchase.

Most people who are Bluegreen haters simply do not know how to use their points....educate yourself! Happy owner for ten years!


It is saddening to see such a post by one of BG employees to deceive millions of honest and hardworking Americans.

If you ever go to their presentations, do the following:

1. Ask for the gift card for attending right upfront

2. Ask them if you can record their 'bogus and empty promise' 'cause they record the contract signing too...why not the customer....

3. Ask for written evidence in the contract for all the claims

4. Ask for what the contract cancellation policy is and where in the contract it is stated.

5. After all this, if you have to sign the contract, you can cancel it in writing the following day (after cashing the $100 gift card or so...).

As they are scamming uninformed vacationers, as informed ones, we can do the same to them by playing it safe!!!!


1.On default, they report you as a 'foreclosure' and this hurts if you seek employment, need clearance, or need a loan.

2. Work with a lawyer/financial adviser in any cases to be effective these scammers!


It is hilarious what these employees will do to keep this fraud alive.

No Timeshare

This is so funny, first off you can't book a vacation until your sampler is paid off. And they are usually only good for a year so how are you getting ready to book your second trip???

The travel club savings are bogus, you cannot save anything on airfare.

The airlines do not give discounts to any special company.

And everyone shoud call the hotels and ask about a discount for Bluegreen Travellers Club. They will tell you, "never heard of them".

In other words the above post comes from a Bluegreen salesperson.

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