Orlando, Florida

I could borrow points for next year and could use them to book our week at Big Sky. After I had given our Master Card number and prepaid I was told she was booking my reservation.

Connection by phone was disconnected. Called back and another receptionist told me I could not do this even though I had already prepaid fees.

We have owned this BG for 2 years and have NEVER been able to use it because I get this type of run around every time I attempt to book anything! I would like a number to call for assistance.

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Been a owner for years - never had a problem making reservations. just takes a little planning ahead of time.


It sounds as though people have different plans. We were told we could book ahead without prepaying anything. We just signed a contract a few days ago.


1800-459-1597 prepaying works great for me!


I have borrowed points before and had no problem.

I have had my BG for 6 years and so far have had no problems


I have borrowed points 2 times without problems. Now I use online booking as much as possible so I don't have to call.


Online booking......

It is right in front of you.

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