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Friday morning my mom received a call from a representative. $119.00 dollars sound impressive for two different vacations including four people .My Mom was all for it.

Sorry Blue Green online . I was home her daughter . I explained to her three of my friends received the same phone call. The deal gets even better when you not interested and ask them to call you at a later time.Disagree no matter how great the deal sounds.

I encourage everyone anybody that likes promotions, saving money to also hang up. It's a scam repeat.

Thousands of dollars spent out the consumer pocket wasted on Blue Green . The Best thing that can happen is u saving your time and money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Deal.

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I own BlueGreen and it is NOT a scam - make sure you know what this is!!!!!


I don't know about your experience, but we are Bluegreen Timeshare Owners and LOVE it!


Who was it who called, exactly ? Bluegreen itself does not make calls soliciting people, Bass Pro, on the other hand, does...along with other companies.

Next time, get both the name of the company, and the name of the person who calls, along with noting the phone number of the call, which will show up on caller ID.

I get calls like that , but they are NOT from Bluegreen.


Love my Bluegreen ...


You are in favor of blue green on every negative comment I've seen on here. Tell me, how much do you get paid to say good things about them?


I get paid nothing. Why are you anonymous, by the way ?

I'm a retired teacher who is tired of people slamming something that they either chose to purchase, or do not own, and in both cases haven't a clue about.

If you buy a car, a tv, a dvd player, anything with technology involved, you reference the manual at some point.

Yet people agree to a purchase, are recorded agreeing line by line, yet do not take the time to learn all the things about their purchase that they need to know.

Yes, there are salesmen who say things that aren't true, and I will be the first to complain about that. But my guess is I could ask the people who are unhappy some simple questions about what the points they decided to buy, and they won't know the answer.

I'd venture to say that not many of those who are unhappy have even taken the time to go through the FAQs on the Bluegreen page..There is a LOT to learn...I've owned for 8 years and am still learning things.

Since you think I should be paid, do me a favor, suggest that to Bluegreen ! As a retiree I'd LOVE renumeration !

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