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Interested in finding a way out. Even a buy back policy. Had it for 5 years, never used it, acquiring alot of maintenance fees. Anyone have any ideas on ways to sell or get out of the contract?

So far I've had to luck. Every place I have talked to says they want at least $500 before even agreeing to a possible sale. I'm looking for a way to make this as seamless as possible with doing the least amount of business with Blue Green since their customer service is rancid. How can they expect people to buy these after looking at all these negative reviews?!

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.


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Mulberry, Arkansas, United States #1238008

We've had similar experience with Bluegreen Vacations twice (two visits).Invested over $ 15,000 with them.

Read other complaints about their service or lack of.



I received a call from Bluegreen Vacations and was told about vacations for just spending time hearing about timeshares.I specifically asked if there were cruises departing from the Oregon area since that is where we live.

I was not interested in trying to travel back east costing much more to get there that cost of the vacation. I was told by the representative that there were options for departing from Oregon for the cruises available. It has been over two months later and I received a pamphlet that showed nothing departing from Oregon. When I called and spoke to a representative I was told I could not get reimbursed since it is more than 30 days.

I asked to speak with a supervisor and she had the confirmation played back to me from a previous phone call. The problem with this is I spoke to someone else before this lady got on the phone to confirm. The person before her told me I would have cruises available to me from Oregon. Of course they did not have that conversation recorded for me to listen to.

I was informed that I was given the chance to ask questions during this recorded conversation. Why would I ask a question I already asked and got answers from? I am now looking into reporting them for fraud and want my money back.

I paid $198 for something I am unable to use now.Does anyone have an idea of what I can do?

Saint Augustine, Florida, United States #1120990

I work for a company that does transfers of timeshares out of owners names, exactly like your situation.I came across this website while doing some further research into Blue Green for some of our potential clients.

As I read your personal situations and more about the representatives and how many of you found yourselves in this situation, I could not help but reply. We are in business specifically because of all of the scams and out right lies that happen around timeshares. I believe you could benefit immensely from the information we provide alone even if you do not want to proceed. If you are interested our company is Timesharedumpsters.com, read through our information and give us a call if it is something you may be interested in pursuing.

1-888-731-3815 Thank you for your time.With hope, Alex


Paid on bluegreen time share 5 years not once got to use it not one mortgage but two never once used however they now reported on my credit and trying to sue me...,juanda Greene...juandag7@gmail or 35920 county road 39 Stapleton, Al.36578


Just donate it to a chairty so you can be done with it.At least you get a tax writeoff.

to me #790622

Did you donate it? blue green that is we would like to donate ours!

Cumming, Georgia, United States #787858

I'm told once you are in ANY type of timeshare its forever. We are going to use all our bluegreen benefits to the max and enjoy vacations using our points. So far we have enjoyed our bonus reservations and points trips which is what they promised we would.

We plan to use it to the hilt and enjoy every minute.

Florence, South Carolina, United States #720040

Bluegreen is a total rip off.They told me I would get points every year and when I called up to make a reservation I found out that I only get points every other year.

I can't take a vacation on that.

I am working to get out of this s$&t.That is just the beginning of the lies.

Dallas, Texas, United States #661722

They screwed me, i fought back and won. If you are wanting to go after them there is a website that offers hundreds of pages of collected complaints, lawsuits etc against these crooks. Can't remember the site right now but email me at martysuniga@gmail.com and I will get it to you.

to Anti-Bluegreen #787534


AT j_deal@att.net



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