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I've reviewed several entries & see a common theme. Deception. I've developed that opinion myself. During our purchase we pointed out something in the contract that wasn't explained in the negotiations. They compensated us with a certificate of points. Recently, we were invited to come to a new owner orientation. It was implied there would be a barbecue. It was a "theme" not a dinner(as several people expected). Cold veggies, dip, fruit, water, tea, coffee & tiny barbecue sandwiches. Drawing at end for small prizes.

After we agreed to attend, we were then told to send $50 refundable. We were given, 3 day/2 night stay :(, 2 show tics, 2 free Great American Buffet. Seats for show = great. PV hotel was called a "partner" to BG. Hotel out dated, cob webs above curtains, below cooling unit, hair in ceiling portion of shower, slow drain of shower water, could see where vacuum had been by looking next to the dusty baseboard.

Orientation = approx. 5-10 min announcement of a new CEO. BG focus was to sell, sell, sell. The individual with us was nice but guy traveling around answering points/money questions was insulting. No one asked if we felt comfortable using the books or going on-line to book time. If we hadn't asked for a brief run through of a "mock" vacation planning scenerio, I know it wouldn't have happened. I wish the new CEO would focus on cleaning up the reputation & ensuring better treatment of the hardworking owners that have invested in their company. They have 'our' money but word of mouth will sure squash future purchases.

I remember the day we purchased BG. When given our deposit back in check, the girl told us "don't go to the bank across the street". She said they will talk bad about Bluegreen to you. That was a red flag but by then it was too late. Best way to make the most of your timeshare is to USE it.

I hope I find some positive feed back soon. It's not a good feeling to think you've invested in a deceptive, cheap, unflexible company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Just got back from Big Cedar as part of a trial package. My family and I enjoyed it very much.

We did however see some things during thier sells pitch that seemed too good to be true. Also I did not like the fact that we were not able to properly study thier contract before deciding yes, or no. Each time we refused to *** they did offer us a lesser priced deal.

Never dealt with time shares before and before anyone does I would recommend that they really study the contract before signing. Any place that will not allow you to do that has to be shady!!!


Contact your Attorney General if you have fallen prey to Bluegreen ***. Continue to warn others by posting ....warning Bass Pro customers. If enough people avoid their kiosks in Bass Pro Shops...maybe they will vacate.


Bluegreen isn't all bad but are deceiving. I just recently purchased in October and specifically asked the manager what would happen if for some reason I couldn't afford it anymore.

He said it would be no problem. It would just be resold. Well little did I know 5 months later I am in a serious financial bind, a single working mother with three children with very little help, and I called Bluegreen and there response was that they do not resale.

I will have to pay more money for a timeshare selling company to sell the property and the one they recommended to me sold 5% of their listings in 2011. I'm sure I'll get blasted by someone for posting this but oh well.


Here you go again, you know nothing about BGVC yet you spout out its a ripp off , spend some of your time reading these complaints and you will fall about laughing .

Get a life and go enjoy a vaction my friend but please stay away from Bluegreen ,we do not want to have to look at your sour face when we are enjoying ourselves.

crawl back under your stone you saddo

If you bought into it and worked out how to use it then the penny might just drop but you seem to be what one may say a bit thick or a sandwich sort of a picnic.

Anyway must get back to work (sorry to dissapoint you its not Bluegreen) and then go plan my next vacation.

happy holidays


Of course deception is part of their deal, other wise who would fall for it. "hey we want to rip you off, are you interested" LOL yea ...

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