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It is very hard to get reservations,then when you get one and go to the resort,they want you spend your time in a presentation.we also was lied to at our presentation,a lots of false advertizing.We want out also,but cant do anything about it,you would think BBB would step in and help all these people that have been lied to.we was told we could add our kids to the deed,when we tried we got another excuse and wanted more money.we tried to get rid of it we cant do that either.these people needs stopped and refund our money back to us

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Looking to Purchase more BLUEGREEN points. we purchased almost a year ago and so far we like it.

so we have decided to purchase a few more points thought we would help someone out that no longer wants the ones that they have. They MUST be bluegreen points as that is what we have now P

lease email me at

With amount of points,Price your willing to sell them for,and amount of dues



the answer to your question WHY is very simple

the units you can rent through Bluegreen are the unsold inventory and hence belong to them .

In a few short words they have not been sold so do not belong to Bluegreen Vaction Club

It is that simple

They rent out what is theirs in the same way you can rent yours.


BG resorts or BG rentals. I have tried 3 times to make reservations.

Each time there were units available at Bluegreen Rentals but I was told that an owner couldn't use the available units(WHY). Apparently there seems to be a conflict of interest here. They must make more from the rentals then they do from the owners. I'm done with them and plan to use all my free time writing letters to TV and newspapers to look into this scam.

They have nothing on Mr Madoff.

This company operates interstate wise so there is another option that I plan to pursue. Hopefully they will get theirs.


Would you be interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Blue Green . I plan on contacting the Cochran Law Firm in Birmingham , Al


How do I cancel this timeshare??How long do they give you to cancel this??How *** of me not to do a research on this first.PLEASE HELP??


read the review close, look at the semantics of it. How general it is. It is simply posted here to create buzz and comments from users, so PC can stay at top of rankings and cash in on their adsense and adverts..Stop posting!


Finally someone is smart on this what your signing if they told you something and you don't see it in contract ask them to put it in......but let me guess as in all cases in timeshare where you are "lied to" you didn't read...lazy


I think it is bad when Bluegreen told us it wasn't a timeshare. I am mad at them and I feel they all need to go to jail for fraud and lying.


we went to an update because they told us 90 mins no harrassments,we was there over 3 hrs.was very rude when he saw we wouldn't gone update.he also told us it wasn't a good idea to put the kids on our deed and explained himself as to why,we knew we had to pay something to add them of course,but it wasn't nothing as good as they made it sound when we bought into the timeshare.yes we sisned a piece of paper saying we understood,our problem was instead of taking time to read we listened to the person talking and telling us what we were signing


never had a problem getting a reservation

you have to pay for the administration of adding anyone to your deed it is a simple job but like most legal documents you have to pay

If you don't want to do an "owners update" just say no

and what you must remember is that you ticked that sheet of paper which said you understood what you were buying

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