Chicago, Illinois

Bluegreen oversells their property and tries to get back their deeds to Wilderness Club at Big Cedar at Ridgedale, MO, without telling you at first blush. Don't be tricked into buying more points, you will regret it, because they are actually trying to acquire old deeds back.

Purchase price of your deeds for virtually pennies over what you originally paid for them. No gain, no profit for you~Sales people are good, customer service reps are rude and of no value, your money is their only interest.

Buyer beware!!

You can take alot of vacations without being handcuffed by Bluegreen and their Availability! It is ridiculous!

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For those that are happy with their BG vacations and want to add to your points, please contact us - I would love nothing more than to sell what we have.


The problem with a class action suit is the lawyers make all the money. You can use the lies and misrepresentations to get out of you contract and money back.

Visit my site at or email me at

I have helped get people out without taking advantage of you.

If you have hired a lawyer I have a site where you can get research I've done on Bluegreen, complaints, past lawsuits and news articles to the tune of 1100 pages. You can find it at

Seabrook, Texas, United States #678359

This company is a rip off.I'm not a owner but I spent 99.00 for a vacation and another 100.00 to go to the Phoenix resort .I was promised a 75.00 and a 25.00 gift card after going to the presentation.well that was mothers day weekend .after going thru the presentation ,they informed me that they ran out of gift cards and would mail them to me in two weeks.that was a joke ,I've called for weeks and they just flat out lied to me and gave me the run around.funny thing,the next day I met a couple that bought the same day and got the gift card. If anyone out there had this same problem,please email me at's get a class action suit together

to gbell Chicago, Illinois, United States #679287

So you got a vacation at Cibola Vista for $199 ? If you were promised a giftcard and did not receive it, yet found out the next day that someone else did ( sounds fishy ) you didn't ask to see a manager?

You want a class action suit over a giftcard ? I love my Bluegreen and have always found customer service and the corporation itself to be great.

Houston, Texas, United States #653919

We have recently purchased bluegreen through Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgdale MO. We get 16,000 points a year regardless only pay 35$ to transfer points if we don't use them or 35$ to borrow from next years points.

But thus far have not had to do that, I just booked something for Hawaii for April next year! Its available, we are excited. We understood before we signed as well. If we use RCI we will pay a travel agent fee of 135.

plus points or bonus points, our choice. They have been amazing to us and the accommodations were beautiful, I am not saying there aren't a few "not so great experiences" but that's like saying everyone is perfect. Hope others are enjoying their bluegreen the way we are. We simply pay our Maintenance fees as we paid ours off the 1st 30 days, and we also couldn't afford to pay for a hotel and flight, now we get disc flight plus travel on only our points.

Not all places are always going to be available we are just happy to travel and cook where we stay. :grin :grin

to DD Chicago, Illinois, United States #678426

Glad to hear you're enjoying your Bluegreen...Please send me an email DD...I'm a very happy Bluegreen owner.. and in your email mention you were " DD " here..


Charlotte nobody buys a timeshare for a $$$ investment it is an investment in happy holidays

How do you expect to get any money back from Bluegreen sorry you bought a product used it now dont want it and expect the (for the sake of another word ) manufactuer to take it back and give you money back

I surgest the next time you buy a can of beans from wal-mart you use some of oi the take it back to the store and ask them to buy it back....... once they have laughed you out of store then you may understand

to uk #692063

Its Scarlett you *** not Charlotte !! The only reason you say *** things like that is you yourself can only afford a can of beans from Wal-mart as your red-neck family you are just Dumb !!Enjoy the view from Wal-mart parking lot..

to Redneck 1 Chicago, Illinois, United States #692279

I will assume you are not replying to me, Redneck1 lol :grin

to uk Chicago, Illinois, United States #692267

UK, not sure who you were replying to...but glad that you, like me, enjoy your Bluegreen. :)


John who told you that you could not use your points on odd yrs ... it is not true

your points are put into you account on the even yr, all these points are good for all seasons the first yr if at your aniversary date ie the 12 month date half you points are still good for all seasons ,what is left form your first half then become saved points. so infact you have 2 yrs to use your points

In other words you own what is in effect a 3000 points every yr

your MF are worked out as follows

even yr $320 base fee + $0.0225 per point

odd yrs $320 base fee + $0.0225 per point

if your points were ever yr points then you mf would be

$320 base fee +$0.45 per point

as you can see they work out the same

to uk Nashville, Tennessee, United States #650741

I think you are wrong . If I dont use my points in the one year I lose them ad have to pay extra to keep them ...

it seems like this company is all about paying for the extras!!! :eek

to bet Chicago, Illinois, United States #679309

Nobody was happy when the rule changed and you had to pay $35 to " save " your unused points to the next year. However, I still LOVE my Bluegreen and am so happy we are owners.

to uk South Lake Tahoe, California, United States #692252

Perhaps u have not had your timeshare as long as some of us. Please pay attention. If you don't use your points within your anniversary year you will loose them unless you pay to have them banked. I have owned my time share for over 10 years and all the rules including maintenance fees have changed.

Trust me, in time you will have regrets. I now pay $129 yearly for something called a membership fee, forced to pay $39.00 annually for RCI membership, and over $800 for an annual maintenance. I know I can vacation for a week at many places for less than that. I go on updates just to get the $75 gift cards. So far I have gotten them after the presentation. I do know that if I don't get what's promised me I will call the police and make more noise than u can imagine.

I have no attention of ever buying more points and am willing to sale my timeshare if I could. Buyers please be aware of the sales tactics and lies. My husband passed and they won't me to pay over $300 to have his name taken off the deeds. They would not allow me to complete a quick claim deed on my own.

to Jackie #1115594

Hire a good lawyer a get rid of it. We did.

It was worth the money.

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #1213183

Who was the lawyer you hired to get rid of your timeshare?


Most of the Bluegreen Resorts are 3.5 stars. But some are at the 2 star back door.

My husband and I in any case have always enjoyed our stays at the many resorts we have used. Often times it is hard to get a reservation and we have to make plans around what is available. We vacation three weeks per year and we usually end up using bonus nights for our yearly bluegreen week, instead of our points. We recently realized after trying to sell our timeshare that we over paid and were lied to.

We were told that the timeshare was going up in value and we could sell it at anytime. Take a look on E-Bay, tons of timeshares are for sell for less than a fraction of what folks originally paid. We purchased our points in 2001. We purchased additional points in 2006.

I am sick to know that I own something that is virtually worth nothing. I wish that others like me could band together to get a portion of our money back or have Bluegreen purchase our points back from us at fair market value.

I have just begun my process to see what rights I have to pursue this avenue. If anyone knows the next steps we should take, please share.

to Charlotte, Greer, SC Fremont, Nebraska, United States #641735

Anyone who buys from eBay or other then Bluegreen will only be able to stay at there home resort. None of the Bluegreen benefits that you get from buying from Bluegreen.

We have owned for years. We have never not been able to get in to the resort we wanted to. You have to book far enough out. If you try to book for the 4th week a month before your not going to get what you want.

That's why you have 11 months to book. As soon as you know you want to go to that resort book it.

to Charlotte, Greer, SC Chicago, Illinois, United States #678439

Your next step should be to educate yourself and love your vacations. Most of us made uninformed decisions at the time, but we love our Bluegreen.

to Charlotte, Greer, SC Chicago, Illinois, United States #679314

Charlotte, I have owned since 2006. I think you should look into educating yourself as to how to best use your ownership.

We are going to stay at Wilderness Lodge at Disneyworld, for example, using our points and paying a fraction of what it would cost otherwise.

We truly love our Bluegreen. The friendships I've made with other Bluegreen owners, as well as the memories we have, make our Bluegreen worth a lot to us and our family.

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