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Bluegreen oversells their property and tries to get back their deeds to Wilderness Club at Big Cedar at Ridgedale, MO, without telling you at first blush. Don't be tricked into buying more points, you will regret it, because they are actually trying to acquire old deeds back.

Purchase price of your deeds for virtually pennies over what you originally paid for them. No gain, no profit for you~Sales people are good, customer service reps are rude and of no value, your money is their only interest.

Buyer beware!!

You can take alot of vacations without being handcuffed by Bluegreen and their Availability! It is ridiculous!

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to Charlotte, Greer, SC #1115832

I certainly feel my points with Bluegreen are worth something. We have been able to use them to stay on property at Disneyworld, for example, with maintenance fees on those points a fraction of what we would have had to pay per night, otherwise !


I want to know? I purchased a timeshare (points) from Bluegreen Resorts.

I get 6,000 points on even numbered years, which means I can not use the points on odd years but I am still having to pay maintenance fees every year.

I was told that they should not be charging mainterance fees for the odd years. Is this true?




Me from Columbia, Tennessee.....Is this really true??? I have had it and have considered this. I was afraid that they would come back and sue me and everything I have. Please get in contact with me. I will leave my email address and I would appreciate a conversation about this further. I wonder if they will report you to the credit bureaus though....I have filed complaints with the Tennessee Attorney General, the Kentucky Attorney General and the Realtors Association in Tennessee. My family is sinking, I have the exact same complaints that everyone does.

Please help...


we have a paid off bluegreen bronze ownership we bought 6 years ago. We have used it on three separate occasions.

We have found it difficult to book as resorts are never available. There are no resorts within 10 hours of our home so this also makes it difficult. I have documented many mistruths in the updates we have sat through, most recently at the Fountains in Florida. if we had to do it over, we definitely would not buy but would look into Silver leaf as family members are happy with that set up.

I have never used my Travelers Plus as I can get things cheaper by using other sources so this also has been a waste of my money. I have spent many hours online attempting to find a vacation location through my blue green on line and has success just 3 times in 6 years.

We are just turning 50 and kids are moving out so you would think it would be a good time for travel but in our real working world, bluegreen is just not any benefit to us. I also might add that I have never had anyone call me just to say hey we appreciate your partnership or how are we doing unless I made a formal complaint.

to Carolyn Los Angeles, California, United States #1236807

please email


I totally agree with Jim... I love my Bluegreen because I read before I signed on the dotted line...I asked questions....and I learned how to use my Bluegreen points.


Love my Bluegreen. Have never had problems booking vacations.

Nobody held a gun to your head and a clearly stated time period to reconsider was in your paperwork.

My kids and grandkids love Bluegreen too. Just another example of people wanting to blame others, rather than accept responsibility for a choice they made.

to Jim Birmingham, Alabama, United States #632736

Hi Jim,

My husband and I just became Bluegreen owners and now are freaking out because of all the negative comments posted about bluegreen online. We would like to speak to someone who is an owner and has had experience vacationing with Bluegreen.

If you are willing to speak to us and tell us about your experience we would like to exchange emails so we can get in touch.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks

to enp12 #632776

Anyone who takes the time to learn how to use their Bluegreen points will love it....Those who don't care to educate themselves will whine on whatever site they can...

to Scarlettt #1117355

Obviously all these people are not whining for nothing. Maybe you had better sales people.

Our first salesperson in Myrtle beach was great, we decided to increase our points, the $800 a year in Maintenance fees is what we would pay for a weeks vacation anyway and we can never get into a place we want to go. We have owned this since 2007, this year boycotted paying the maintenance fees and they took away our timeshare.

Now I do not need to stress. I lost $18,000 and all the maintenance fees I paid in but only were able to book it two times in the 8 years we owned it. BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY.

If everyone wants to get together to do a class action suit, looks like there is 1 happy person to every 10 unsatisfied people.

to enp12 #632973


There is a "rescission period" controlled by state laws. It should be in the contract you signed.

If you are still within a few days of purchase, rescind it by following instructions EXACTLY. Remember, you can always buy (from Bluegreen or someone else) later. You can get timeshares resale for free off E-Bay and other sources. I would recommend going to a website like where they can explain the nuances of how these things work so you can take time to evaluate which, if any, timeshare system meets your lifestyle.

You may well find that you are better off renting. Certainly do so before you buy!

to enp12 Brandon, Florida, United States #679277

Been an owner two years. I've had so many problems trying to book a vacation.

Finally did and it was great, only to face a 3 hour push for us to buy more points.

Looking at the point system from when I booked to next year the 7000 point only half of which are usable, won't get me a weekend in Podunk. Made a dumb move planning to sell or dump the purchase.


to enp12 Chicago, Illinois, United States #679317

enp12 We love our Bluegreen Feel free to email me at Don't panic ! :)

#512460 :zzz


cont.from the first comment: when you stop paying bluegreen will call because you have not made a payment and your late.SO.tell them not to bother you anymore your done with them and there lies.and they will tell you that your bound bye a cont.with them and tell them you can and will get out of this cont.and after a few more phone calls they will say if you pay to the fees to cancel your cont.then you can :grin


for these bluegreen owners YOU CAN GET OUT OF YOUR CONTRACT bluegreen sold you TIME not PROPERTY so all you have to do is stop paying and walk WILL NOT HURT YOUR will just loose what money you spent with them but you WILL BE FREE FROM THEM....TRUST ME IVE BEEN THERE.

to me Concord, North Carolina, United States #965669

Trust Mee!!!!!!

Your statement about the purchase of Bluegreen not effecting your credit after paying 22,000 on the property timeshare i first was talked into ws 2001 and finaally in 2010 quit paying. Wanted to refinance my home in 2014 found out bluegreen has filed a foreclosure on my credit!!!!

Still trying to get this mess cleared up....If any help me respond to my reply!!!

to Ray California, United States #1250148

In December 2015 Bluegreen and Experian and Equifax had to correct over 11,000 timeshare owners' credit accounts. Research Finn Law Group consumer class action lawsuit.


what is up with the darling????? that is just plain ridiculous.

I - like others just want out and want to know how to get there. We were in IDIOTS in 2002 and paid over 20K in FULL and have NEVER had a great booking experience EVER. We go years between BG vacations because i had rather eat chalk than deal with trying to get reservations WHERE I want to go WHEN i want to go. I had just rather call up a travel agent and give them the info i want and let them call me back with my plans.

Which EVERY TIME ends up costing less than our annual m-fees. It is just a donation to some obscure thing that - if we could somehow get out of it - we could donate to a worthwhile charity instead.

It's okay to make *** mistakes on occasion....but when you impulse buy with is for life. THere has GOT to be someone who sees some logic in that.

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