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Bluegreen oversells their property and tries to get back their deeds to Wilderness Club at Big Cedar at Ridgedale, MO, without telling you at first blush. Don't be tricked into buying more points, you will regret it, because they are actually trying to acquire old deeds back.

Purchase price of your deeds for virtually pennies over what you originally paid for them. No gain, no profit for you~Sales people are good, customer service reps are rude and of no value, your money is their only interest.

Buyer beware!!

You can take alot of vacations without being handcuffed by Bluegreen and their Availability! It is ridiculous!

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to tfmo3 Los Angeles, California, United States #1236810



firstly, we have been owners for 8 yrs and never had any problem with gettting a reservation (and yes the only time we can travel is peak period) so the myth of no availabilty ever is a complete lie .

secondly and more to the point of your question Ali, the simple answer is if you still owe money on ity then you can not sell it,transfer it or give it away, it does have to completely free of any kind of debt be it monthly payments or mf


All I want is out of my contract with Bluegreen, we have had it a year and have tried and tried to use it...have spent countless hours on the phone with unhelpful sales reps and each time we call find out another lie BG told us. We have been on 5 vacations since we have had bluegreen and NONE of them were we able to use our supposed bluegreen vacation club benefits...yes thats right, we pay for bluegreen and cannot use it.

THey can keep the money they have so far, I just want to get out of more monthy payments/MF that we cannot use. If anyone has information of how to get out of this let me know

to Ali Los Angeles, California, United States #1236816

Please email me



It is not for a refurb its mainly to repair the buildings what you should be asking is what happened to all the money you paid before Bluegreen took it over, they are the ones that have done a runner with your money.

Why should Bluegreen owners pay when the fault lies with the previous managment and owners like yourselves


In mid 90s bought TS (Club LaPension)in NO.

La. Blue Green Vacations purchased this resort

Paid maint fee faithly and used this.

In 2010 Blue Green assessed T/S owners 1550.00

for remodeling cost.

This to me is an absurbed charge.


sorry but the club resorts that have the name Bluegreen are owned by Bluegreen, the others bluegreen own several intervals that why these only have limited space. All the points are backed by a deed which is held in trust by the Bluegreen Vacation Club and are reg at the individual court house with the rest of the deeds for properties in that area

Please get your facts correct before shouting your mouth off

to talktalk Fairmont, West Virginia, United States #652144

Hey talk/talk...sorry you make me laugh.. Which resort do

you work for????


bluegreen is unethical, and they do not own the property that they "supposidly' OWN and time share to you, oh forgot..this is not a time share but a vacation club ha! ha!vacations like that I can do without..


darling what a load of tripe you speak Bg cannot over sell since every point is backed by a deed for that unit /day etc held in trust by the vacation club.

When you update you can ask to be deeded at any of the BG owned resorts but to be honset my darlings this means nothing unless you have a prime week that you want to use each year, and darlings there are only a few of them not everyone can have a "deed" for the 4th July. Just remember Points ar points no matter where you are "deeded"

Darling BG do not buy back the old deed they sell you addition points, you can keep your original one but that just means you have a larg ammount of accounts ie your original + your new Points.

darling some people think having a Big Ceadar deed makes them a hugh profit when they sell but darling it is supply and demand ... I would give you less for Big Ceadar and more for The Fountains just remember darling points are points

darling please explain why you think if you sell your secondhand timeshare you will make a profit .... all timeshares are flat now but in the good old days you never never never got back what you paid for it never mind a profit.

the only winner in a class action is the lawyer

to miss piggy Fairmont, West Virginia, United States #652146

Miss Piggy: If they can not oversell re/backed by a deed..

then why is it almost impossible to schedule a vacation, unless

you do it 6 months in advance. Oh by the way...How long have

you worked for Bluegreen? What a hoot you people are.

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