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I can see many of you out there were duped just like me... I am looking for folks to join me in picketing potential "customers" outside of their flagship i.e. biggest cash cow, Club 36 in LV Nevada for an afternoon or even two?

Hope to set it up for the coming month on a Sunday/Monday..

I hope to get all of my $$$$$$$$$ refunded quickly in case they go bankrupt. I do have an attorney, but I can tell that the law is going to take forever to make them refund my money. Cheers!


Monetary Loss: $19.

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I too would like to understand why you would like to picket. When I was there I had an amazing time!

My guess has a room at one of the high-end hotels on the strip, and through they'd already paid for their rooms, choose to stay on the bluegeen property (I had two rooms reserved) becasue they felt the accomodations were better. What happened when you were there?


Lord ***...hahaha. Thank you so much for allowing the continued opportunity to carry on our compelling dialogue about what a total scam this company is.

Bless you, your going to need it.

Anyone who takes the time to come to this site (or any consumer protection site for that matter), have the common sense to know that people who come to these sites to refute complaints are paid by the companies they are defending...which pretty much invalidates their arguments. The fact is that Bluegreen fails again and again, day in, day out to fulfill their promises to consumers and consumers have had enough.

Lord Mankinholes


I get a kind of bored here on a Sunday night with only 1 print machine (printing silk for Designers Guild)

And since they pay me double time I have to find something to amuse myself even if it is only winding you up lol


Lord ***

Hahahaha....your a total pig.

Seriously *** why do you spend so much time here withyour Bluegreen pom-poms *** yourself out for them. I feel sorry for you dude. Your soul is in SERIOUS jeapordy of eternal damnation.

BOTTOM LINE: For anyone considering paying this company for that "Dream Vacation" do some research and you'll soon discover the truth. Bluegreen is an evil corporation that steals money from honest people.

Lord Mankinholes

Shu thought it would have been just up your street since you seem to be the king or queen of the scammers


Lord Mankinholes --- That's just like you you low life *** bag.

"Dont forget to get your attorney to verify your sig. on all the paperwork saying that you understood what you were signing for."

Liars and Thieves...that's all this company is. A nest of ***....just like "Lord Mankinholes".

Lord Mankinholes


The Fountains is the Flagship

Dont forget to get your attorney to verify your sig. on all the paperwork saying that you understood what you were signing for.

Would not like him to think sombody else signed and agreed to your purchase would we.


I am not clear on your desire to picket club 36. When we stayed there they bentover backwards to arrange a rental car, let us in our room early, held our luggage until check in / check out, the list goes on. Need to be more specific what was not done, when there was alot more that is done by the staff and the decor/building..

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