Indianapolis, Indiana

I have owned through Bluegreen for 7 years now and have always been treated exceptionally well! But then again I read a contract before I sign it!

You people that are complaining obviously don't. Now I will be the first to admit that the SALESMAN at the resorts are incredibly pushy, but be honest you only go to a review on vacation for the gifts anyways, and did you notice the word SALESMAN, that is their job! Try sitting down with someone at your closest Cust. Service Department and ask questions!

And learn to say no at the resorts!!!

Monetary Loss: $36.

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The middle of this week my husband and I attended a Bluegreen Sales pitch for a timeshare in TN. We were nabbed by Bass Pro and paid a $59 fee to

attend..the 90 minute meeting to learn

about Bluegreen timeshare. We were

told when we did this we would

recieve two $25 gift certificates to Bass Pro and recoup $50 . Since we had never attended a timeshare meeting and had family members out

of state that were pleased with theirs our desire look into it was sincere..and felt we had paid for a service. So we set up the appointment 3 months later and were excited about the prospect of visiting

the Smokey Mountains and possibly getting our years of dream vacations started. The 90 minute presentation was informative, and eye opening. The people were very inquizative to find out all they could about us..and seemed sincere enough. After the 90 minute presentation we were taken to a table in another room with a representative..given a tour ..and then

they wanted us to make an immediate decision to buy into an extremely expensive timeshare package of $450/mo for 10 years.. after our eyes about popped out of our heads..and we declined..the pressure continued. We were then offered the Sampler package which was more enticing...but by then we were very untrusting,.We decline their offers, but were told we would never beable to buy into their timeshare and recieve the same offer if we declined that day. To us a major purchase such as this....needs to be well thought decision. and only wise people and decent honest companys allow you time to make those Bluegreen buyers "BEWARE"





I agree with the owner that said that Bluegreen's sales methods are unnecessarily high-pressure and would add that their overall their customer service is well below standards. If you are considering sitting through one of their boiler room pitches, note the time that you arrived and leave.

Someone should purchase bluegreen sales people a watch. While I wouldn't say Bluegreen is fraudulent, this is one of those painful life lessons where buyer must beware because, candidly, Bluegreen is in it for the money.

I don't fault them for the business but point with serious disdain at their ethics and business practices. Think twice before attending this, or any, timeshare presentation.


Melissa an informed consumer would have known what the product was and how it works, sorry you are just a moocher


I'm sorry, but any company that forced you into an on-the-spot decision is going to create problems. I would love to have taken time to consider Bluegreen, but they refused to give me any.

So I took my freebies and ran! I don't think that makes me a mooch--just an informed consumer.


well said

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