Orlando, Florida
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A RIP -OFF >>> STAY AWAY FROM BLUEGREEN ... they will put you in a financial ruin .....

Not good its a scam ... Take our advice do not get caught in a trap by their high pitched salesmen and small print contract ....We when only once to Tennessee and they were still trying to sell us more and telling us we had a poor package and that we need to buy more ...

When we said know the salesman was very upset and rude ... I wish we had taking time to read these complaints before we ever attend the meeting ...We are senior citizens that was taken advantage of ......

Monetary Loss: $17000.

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Being a senior citizen does not mean not taking responsibility for a choice you made.

I am a retired teacher and love my Bluegreen because I have educated myself as to how to use it to its full advantage.



Thats one of their tricks, they sell you a small package and then try and sell you more and more each time you stay at one of the resorts. Visit www.timesharetricks.blogspot.com


I was scammed by Bluegreen and although I got out of it I have made it my life's mission to spread the word about those heartless people. You can force them to back down and let you out.

Email me and I will tell you the *** I went through.

If you are thinking of setting through a sales presentation - DON'T BUY, if you've already have been suckered write me. martysuniga@gmai.com :(


If you have bought Bluegreen educate yourself as to how to use it and you will LOVE your Bluegreen.

My kids can't wait to inherit my points and enjoy the vacations I take them and my grandkids on !

scarlettt :grin


Kill yourself lady, no one and I mean NO ONE cares about your inflated points or opinion; this is for unhappy consumers, educate yourself on what that means. To be honest, the only people that "love Bluegreen" work for them...My money says your an employee.

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