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We signed up for a few different raffle "getaways" at a children's expo in February. This particular one we paid a discounted price and were aware was a time share or something.

We just came home from a BlueGreen presentation. We did not purchase and as someone else posted, I have to wonder if they dragged out our tour because after the Presentation we said it wasn't something we are interested in at this time. I specifically told the representative that we had to be out by 2pm (which would cover the 2hrs. maximum we were told the presentation would take) because our children had an appointment. We did not get out until 3pm. and the kids missed their lessons that we had paid for. This alone demonstrates a lack of respect for us and our time.

The sales representative was new, so we don't fault her for inexperience. Her superior however was a bit rude and I was turned off immediately. She also went online and pulled up customer complaints about the "vacation club" that we just purchased (from the same expo). Much like the ones I see about BlueGreen on this site. Did she really think that trying to make me feel bad about my past choices was going to sell me on Buying with BlueGreen?

Also, the discounted trip was not at a BlueGreen resort but at a Hotel. Why was that? We did not experience BlueGreen in anyway except the sales presentation. Maybe that was a good thing.

We had a good time at our 2 day getaway, too bad it ended on a sour note.

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When you purchased the discounted trip the representitive should have explained a little better that the discounted price was so that you can experience the tour of the resort; an that the 99.00 would be for the three days and 2 nights. Also that you would be staying at one of the three hotels that is used by the resort.

If you wanted to stay at the resort itself then you could have upgraded and pay the additional fee.

It is really not the resort's fault. It is the reps' fault for not explaining what you get for that price better.