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Go to the bluegreen website, read all the FAQs...join the Bluegreen group on Yahoo. Educate yourself about how to use it and you will love it.

I LOVE my Bluegreen along with thousands of others I have met through social media.

People who do not take the time to learn how to use something that they have paid quite a bit of money for, should not complain about the value they receive.

People who do know how to use their Bluegreen, because they value their vacationtime LOVE it.

There are many websites available to help Bluegreen owners use their resorts to their best advantage. Bluegreen is also making improvements for us. Like anything else it's easier for people to just complain.

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I stand by that post that I wrote last year. Not sure why I showed up as anonymous.

This year, I'll go so far as to invite intelligent people who want to learn how to use their Bluegreen, to email me at


What a refreshing post! The replies are nice, too!

My husband and I will be going to a Bluegreen resort next month, so I thought I would get some preliminary information on what to expect, and my online search brought me to this site. Everything most people seem to be complaining about are things that they could have used their common sense on: getting all info in writing, educating oneself of all rights and responsibilities, and reading the contract thoroughly.

The only thing I saw as a legit complaint was of a person making their reservation with the resort and then being shuffled off to an off-site hotel when they checked in. I am glad that our reservationist was up front about this to us and that I was able to schedule a weekend when something on the physical resort was available.

We may or may not purchase a timeshare with Bluegreen, but we are certainly very excited to be going on a much-deserved vacation on a nice resort (Shenandoah Crossing) in a beautiful part of Virginia, even with a planned 2-hour presentation.

Thanks again.


Email me, Karla ! Would love to meet you at one of the resorts one day !


Wow, these comments really make me feel better, we are new to Bluegreen and were very liery but thought it would be good for us. Thanks for the positive feedback!


Feel free to email me, Tre. It's like going on Trip Advisor..

The complainers are in the majority !


We have been with blue green for about three years and love it.....they ask you before you sign the papers and several other times to make sure that this is not going to put you in finacal hard ship.....if you say no and then it does...then that is your fault....not theirs....we almost have ours paid off and can not be more excited that all we have to pay is a small maintance fee to keep it going.....for free rooms at these places it is extreamly cheaper then if we would pay out for the rooms...if we would break down the fee over 12 month it comes down to less then a tank of gas or less then what we would pay for a family of 4 to go out to eat....that cheep for great can not beat it....biggest thing is....don't *** off more that you can handle....common sense....really .....

@happy as can be

How nice to see a comment by someone who knows what they are talking about !

I love my Bluegreen !


@happy as can be

I love happy Bluegreen owners.. Feel free to email me, happy as can be, about what resorts you've liked the most !


We absolutely love our Bluegreen vacations. We go every summer and have not had any problems.

I believe you we're scammed by a group saying they were Bluegreen when they weren't. A couple of years after we bought our Bluegreen membership we received a call from a person claiming to be with Bluegreen. I called the Bluegreen offices at Boyne Mountain and found the caller was a fake.

Bluegreen doesn't operate outside of their offices.


Would love to hear where you've been to, Themuse !

Email me at