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My husband and I were so excited to be going to Las Vegas for our 13th wedding anniversary. We took a bus from the airport to our hotel. We were wowed on the trip by Mr. Perry Clark who sold us on a "vacation ownership" tour. We paid a $60.00 cash reservation fee on the spot for which we were to receive a $20.00 refund (a check we were told any casino would cash, however none actualy would) and a VIP romance package. Mr. Clark also promised us the tour would take only 1.5 hours.

We had to pay for our taxi ride again in cash, for which we received reimbursement via a second check. The "tour/ sales presentation" took approximately three and a half hours. Add travel time to and from the hotel. That's about four hours of our very short vacation....

When we took our "gifts" that cost $40.00 to the Venetian resort, I was advised that neither my dinner coupon or my gondola ride certificate were VIP as was promised by Mr. Clark.

The dinner was limited to maybe six choices. We both chose the lasagna dinner trying to be on the safe side. I think Chef Boyardee would have made a better lasagna. There was pasta and sauce with a smallish slice of cheese on top. Ewwwww.

The Gondola ride was, again, not for a VIP experience, and also was only valid for the outdoor gondola ride. It was,I think, around 106 degrees for the whole weekend. The Venetian was not running the outdoor gondola ride during this period.

I was so disgusted with everything. I phoned Blue Green and spoke with a woman who advised the problem lie not with them, but with the marketing company. I was given a name and a number to contact. Mr Clark had given me his calling card, so I phoned him next. I explained the issues that we had experienced. He had no real answer. So I called the marketing company and was told the items I had received should have been VIP, Any casino would cash oour checks, and the tour length was unacceptable.

Mr. Clark texted me later that evening and promised he would address my issues the following day at a meeting. He advised when he had a resolution for me, he would phone me. That was the last I heard from anyone regarding this issue.

My husband completed a survey Blue Green sent him via email and he requested a follow-up call from one of their representatives, which has never came.

I feel like my annversary was ruined because of the Marketing Company, and Blue Green Resorts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Unfortunately I am powerless to help those who have already fallen prey to you people....just warning others. Is that not the purpose of this site?

If you are just a BG fan....

Why not just hang out on one of their Facebook sites. It is monitored constantly....and all complaints are deleted immediately.


sorry about the spelling its been a long hard night


No dirty work done here but I do have to question why you are on here Honest citizen.

It appears that you do not have a honest bone in your body.

Just explain how you can make a judgement on a product you do not own you have never tried you have no interest in .

Or are you juest wetting the lips of all these sheep who will surly follow you then reveal that your better half or yourself have a law firm and you can help them.

This and the rest of your posts only smell of one thing scam and getting people hooked so you can then bleed them dry.

But there is one thing I can tell you and that is I know how the vacation club works I know it is not a scam and I have had many good holidays.

You can not even come up with a reason not to like it since you have never been, in fact it does remind me of my son when he was about 6 or 7 yrs old, we took him for a new pair of shoes. His comment was they hurt me the assistant said dont you think you had better try them on first ..... so my friend dont you think you should try a vaction before you say its a scam.

well folks its almost home time after a long night shift shading a new lifestyle range of fabrics for Liberty fabrics oohps sooooo sorry should have been a long nightshift planing how to shaft all you potential new Bluegreen owners

at least honest citizen you have given me a laugh with all your rants but I also find you so sad


Hi Bill....these honest Americans are being lied to and scammed....if you are from the UK....why are you on here doing dirty work for the fraudulent companies? Why are you combing these sites using multiple pseudonyms???? Hope they pay you well.

To those of you who are doing honest research into these companies .... Think twice.

To those of you who are seeking your Attorney General.


Honest citizen YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TO A BLUEGREEN RESORT but you come on here with you comments. I am a hpaapy owner I have the right to comment on these complaints .

YOU on the other hands know nothing about the vaction club

get a life please and give us all a rest


These people who are defending this scam are called "cleaners". They are not Bluegreen employees ....

But they are contracted by scam artists such as Bluegreen to comb the Internet and attempt to discredit honest people who are trying to help other innocent victims from being scammed. I have never even been to a Bluegreen resort...and never want to. I AM tired of being attacked by these vultures at the local Bass Pro....and watching others fall prey to this fraud.

I now order my sporting good needs online....and not from Bass Pro. Their affiliation with this scam is a discredit to them.


happy customer please join the yahoo bluegreen group, here you will find how to get the best out of your points


My husband and I just came back from a weekend trip to Club 36 in Vegas.. and although the presentation was a lot longer than we were led to believe, the resort is just beautiful.

If we were in a better position we would have bought right then and there. We did get the "Try Me" or something like that.

We paid $695 and we get 9000 points which we will use next year for a little get away... I don't know what everyone else's experiences were like but staying at Club 36 was fantastic.


James bluegreen points do not limit you to any kind of timeframe and with well over 40 resorts at no extra cost and well over 3000 for a small fee it hardly limits where you can go. Spend you $4000 on one vacation and I will still be going on mine for many years to come. Also I have to aggree that most on here are just freeloaders and want somthing for nothing


The defenders are using terms right out of a salesman's lexicon, like "cheapskate" and "greedy" and "freebies"! These are terms to denigrate customers who believed the sales pitch and were disappointed.

Timeshares are a huge waste--high pressure sales tactics are the ONLY way to sell these turkeys.

I personally wouldn't accept one of those "deals" on a bet. Better to keep your $4,000 and have a *** vacation with it, rather than blow it on a timeshare that really limits when and where you can take your vacation.


ex bluegreen sounds very bitter maybe he or she got caught with their hand in the cookie jar and got fired ....... just a thought

our friend buddy seems to have hit the nail on the head ...... they were just after the freebies


Its not the fault of these people Bluegreen trains the employees to scam the customer. It's all part of the Bluegreed experiance


no i do not work in the industry

But come on you wanted somthing for nothing you cheap skate get you hand in your pocket and spend some of your own money instead of living of freebies for the rest of your livesT


It might appear that we wanted something for nothing, but with other vacation ownership companies offering free hotel nights, $200.00 gift cards and many other amenities just to observe a presentation, it seems to me our time and money are gone. Wasted.

For what?? You must accept the fact that we spent more than 3 hours of our time plus $40.00 for 2 less than mediocre dinners. Wow! No VIP treatment as promised.

You defend the company for misleading us.

Why? Do you work for a timeshare/vacation company?


sorry mate you are wrong again

just read what they have written and then tell me who is at fault.

it is just another greedy couple trying to get something for nothing


Must be a BlueGreen employee or marketing person that provided the above response.


Now come on how can you blame Bluegree for this, you took a short break so thats your problem not theirs.

The thought of "freebies" on the bus from the airport (now that trip in itself is only a few mins ) Cheap meal out was it to help with the trip expenses ?

The meal was *** now how can that be the fault of Bluegreen ... you were at The Venetian not Club 36

This was your own fault if anybody ruined your aniversary it was yourselves and your greed

All bluegreen did was give you a timeshare presentation which you signed up for.... end of story.

Moral of this tale is dont be greedy and expect to come out on top when given "freebies" and remember thare is no such thing as a "free" dinner ..... the price you paid was a few hours of your time