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Gatlinburg, TN - we were stopped on the street and asked to take a tour. We told the lady that we did not want to buy anything, we don't make snap decisions, and we don't like high pressure sales tactics.

The employee pulls out a binder with displays in it, showing us how they are affiliated with Bass Pro Shop and assured us that Bass Pro Shop would not be affiliated with any high pressure tactics.

After being promised a $100 visa card, 2night/3 day vacation, and refund of our $20 deposit, and assured several times that we could just go and view the property and get some information, we agreed to go.

Big mistake. This was our 10 year anniversary and we wasted 3 hours. Our salesman was very nice in the beginning, until our presentation was complete and we told him that we would not make a snap decision today. We wanted to think about it. We did not care about losing incentives. He got irritated and asked us why we even bothered coming, did we just want the $100? My husband told him he could keep the $100 if that is what he was worried about, but we would not make a decision in one day.

He then called over his co-worker, manager, or whatever she was, and we were then subjected to additional high pressure tactics. I felt like I should have a spotlight in my face and water dripping on my head.

I became very irritated myself and finally after nearly yelling at them, they said fine, let's get your money and get you out of here.

We asked for some information or bookslets to take with us so we could look it over and make an informed decision and they refused to give us anything at all. Well, sorry, but that is a huge red flag to me.

Don't do it. Don't wast your time. What a fraud.

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Wow....glad I checked this site. Headed back to Bass Pro. Going to confront those $$$$heads.


My husband and I attended a presentation in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We went because we were definitely interested in buying.

The presentation we attended was in a room that was much to small for the crowd. We were crammed into extra chairs brought into the room and put against the wall. The sales rep who worked with us was very nice, but the pressure they put on us to buy was ridiculous. When we wouldn't commit to buying at that time, she brought over a supervisor who was rude and actually got up from the table when things didn't go her way.

My husband and I are not ***. We knew how much money we could afford toward a timeshare and Bluegreen couldn't meet that amount. If they had, we would have purchased that day. We did end up buying a "sampler package", but haven't gone yet.

After we use the package we bought, I will not be purchasing anything else from Bluegreen. I don't appreciate being treated the way the supervisor treated us. At one point, my husband got so pissed off, he got out of the chair to leave and our sales rep stopped him. Also, we were lied to about a few things.

I do realize that a timeshare would be a good idea and it would save us money in the long run, but I will not be treated that way, again. So far, the only good thing has been the sales rep who worked with us.

As I said, she was very nice and had a great sense of humor. If only her supervisor had been the same way, things may have been different!


it is interesting to read these comments. Business is business and everywhere we go we are being sold too.

It is up to you to decide what you can live without or what would be great. the "freebies" are offered because that is what is appealing to most people. marketing is expensive, so if they gave out printed information to every party that wanted to "take a look and think about it" then the timeshares would not be affordable. They already offer fantastic gifts just for coming.

Just get up and walk out if you had enough!!! I am sure you are not tied to your seat or have a gun pointed at your head. When it comes down too it, you could google any company and find complaints. It does not make them scams.

Contact the BBB in Boca Raton Florida.

It really does have an A+ rating. You cant say that with alot of companies.


Bluegreen's sales methods are unnecessarily high-pressure and overall their customer service is well below standards. If you are considering sitting through one of their boiler room pitches, note the time that you arrived and leave.

Someone should purchase bluegreen sales people a watch. While I wouldn't say Bluegreen is a scam, this is one of those painful life lessons where buyer must beware because, candidly, Bluegreen is in it for the money.

I don't fault them for the business but point with serious disdain at their ethics and business practices. Think twice before attending this, or any, timeshare presentation.


Also the reason why they didn't provide you with "materials" is because they would have also spent more rediculous amounts of money on you.

The only thing that would change is the price goes up, so there is no point to give you materials, when you probably can't even afford it then.


This is very entertaining.

You don't make snap decisions....but I'm sure your household if full of snap decisions.

You made a snap decision on attending the presentation, didn't you?

Also, you told the person on the street you don't make snap decisions, as well as you dislike high-pressure sales tactics. That sends a flag to others that you have already attended sales presentations. :D


There are many reason's they ask you to buy during your presentation. First, it cost marketing anywhere from $300-500 PER TOUR. Look around the room and start doing numbers. Secondly, if they had a "think about it" program, how many people would actually come back? You go home to "think about it", life grabs you by the shirt, sucks you back in and now you have your "think about it" information at the bottom of your 2 foot high stack of mail.

This is not an immpulse buy. If you go on vacation, you are spending the money. You want the Hilton's to have your money or your family? National ave. for a hotel is $110 TODAY. What will that be in ten years. Sit down and do basic math and you will see the investment. This is also not an investment as your house is, don't plan on selling it and making money, and never believe anyone that says it is. This is strickly an investment into yourself and your family. You will stay in nicer places, never miss a year, save money and have more memories with the ones you love than you can shake a stick at.

Everyone goes in for the free stuff, that's why they keep offering it. These are very good company's that offer a wonderful product. If you LIKE the program, would USE the program, And could AFFORD the program, join the club. If not, thanks for your time.

By the way, few sales reps are truely high pressure. Look at it from the other side. They get one shot to see you. Maybe they are just putting their best foot forward to try and help your family out. Also, maybe you fell the pressure because you know in your heart of hearts that this is something you know is better than your current system. Pressure comes from within.

As a honorable rep for several years, when someone tells me no initially.. only tells me that they are not sold yet. Yes, you will tell me no at least ten times because I truly believe in timeshare and it's positive effects that I feel I am letting my guest down when they don't buy.

I love what I do and take great pride in what I do. Few people can really say that about there work. If you had a negative experience, I'm sorry. But, don't put us all in the same bundle. If I go out and eat at a bad resturant, that doesn't mean i should never go out to eat agian, I will just not go to that particular resturant.


After taking a look at the comments, it is a shame that the tone of this "owner" is bordering on hostile that it discourages me from going to any more presentations.

You should always be mindful of what you are writing and how it affects people who have little idea about these things.


my husband and i were also approached to sit in for the time share sales pitch and in return receive free sight seeing tours. when i said i was not interested but my husband could go, the representative said we had to go as a couple and began arguing with me to attend.

i did not want to go because i felt it was not something we would be interested in or something we'd financially be able to afford. however, my husband wanted to hear what they had to say to see if it was a worth while investment. ultimately, my husband and i did not go because we had to go together. i find it odd that they would not sit with my husband without me.

if he were traveling alone, wouldn't he have been able to sit for the presentation and potentially buy? also, i did not understand the need for a $20 deposit...refundable or not. the promises of the free tour tickets should be incentive enough for people to attend especially if it is valued upwards of $100 or more. i think vacation clubs and timeshares are a great idea.

However, the aggressive sales tactics that some of these companies use makes some potential buyers uneasy.

afterall, most people they target are trying to enjoy a laid back vacation and don't anticipate being approached to sit in for a sales pitch or making unexpected financial commitments. i think that the sales teams can afford to give a little sensitivity to potential buyers who are trying to make an informed, rational decision.


In response to your question, "owner", I did not say that we had NO intention of buying. We wanted information and were interested, but we did not want to buy that day.

If it's such a great deal, then why are we not allowed to take some information home and read it over? We were not concerned about the incentives. We told them that we did not need the promotions they offered us, if that is what they were worried about. We just wanted time to look it over and make sure that it was for us and we could afford it.

Unfortunately, they were not willing to do that. Additionally, when we were roped in off of the street, my husband and I stated that we would not buy that day and that we did not want to waste their time if that is what this was. I also stated that I did not like high pressure sales tactics. We were re-assured several times that this is not how this worked.

They just wanted people to take a look at it and we could get all the information that we wanted, and if it wasn't for us, no pressure, we could leave.

No big deal.

Does that answer your question Owner?


We had a similar experience. The bottom line is, if it's a 'great deal' then they won't mind providing you with detail information that you can review for at least a few days - what will change in a few days, other than some peace of mind?

BTW owner, we also made them aware of our need to think things over before making a rash decision, but they insisted we take the tour! If you act that quickly, chances are you are making a mistake.



all timeshare sales work the same way (and not only timeshare come to think of it)

if you took the time to do your research then you would have found out what a good deal it does turn out to be. But when you read some of these complaints these people have no idea what timeshare involves, how to us it and the fun you get out of it

But then that is your loss and happy owners gain .

Hope you enjoy paying though the nose for hotel accom in the years to come.


We, too, had a similar experience, though they were at least friendlier down in Myrtle Beach. And I openly admit I did it for the freebies!!

If they had something I wanted to buy, I would have considered it. But we also made it clear from the beginning that we were not impulse buyers. So at that point, it was their call to discontinue the presentation and not waste their time--or ours. They also refused to bottom-line the cost for us--and I asked several times throughout the presentation.

I also told them that after I did my research, if I liked what they had to offer, I would consider buying. But no--IT HAD TO BE THAT DAY. So, we wasted a whole morning, but we got four two-day passes to the new Hard Rock Park. The two of us and two kids had a ball.

And if Bluegreen hadn't put the screws to us, we might have actually considered buying--later. Too bad for them...

but it's obvious their marketing research shows that if they can't convince you to sign on the dotted line right then and there, you will find sites like this one and you will be lost to them. Oh, well, in the end, we got what we came for.


what always makes me smile is, if you have no intention of buying come *** or high water WHY did you go