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This is a review of Bluegreen Vacations as an organization, not the resort. That will follow if appropriate.

I June 2015, after a stay at a Chice Hotel, I got notified of an offer to stay at a Bluegreen resort. I remember the contact very clearly and I wrote down everything that was said at the time of contact. I was told that for $199 I would get a 4 day 3 night stay at one of their resorts or affiliated properties and 20000 Choice Privileges points. This offer would be good for 4 people traveling together and only 2 had to participate in a property tour.

I knew this is a time share presentation which I normally do not go to but in this case I had an ulterior motive which is irrelevant to the review. My mistake is that I did not read the confirmation letter I received after the call. Had I done so I would have cancelled as what was written on the letter was not what was told to me. When I finally got around to booking (which was not what I had originally planned due to family issues - like two daughters planning to have babies at the same time and not being able to travel at the times planned) we booked the trip to Las Vegas which is not a favorite destination of ours.

It was at this time I found out that the offer was written down as $200 Master Card gift card back OR 20000 points. This was not what was told me. I went ahead with the booking with the note that I wanted the company to review the first phone call to verify what was said. I was advised that I would be called back in 48 hours.

This was never done though I was contacted again to confirm the reservation. Not having been contacted after 5 1/2 days (including a holiday weekend - not their fault) I called back Bluegreen. Talked to another agent and was told that, sorry that I was never contact but lets see what could be done. After much discussion it was agreed that I would be refunded $50 to my credit card (which was done and verified) and that at the visit I would get a MC gift card for $150 AND 15000 points.

Tired of this go around I agreed. Just wanted this to end. Confirmation letter came and it said 15000 points only. I called back and after a go around with a supervisor I got nowhere and agreed to the gift card of $150 and no points.

I was not goint to get anywhere. If I did not accept this I would have lost the deposit as well as having to pay for the first night reservation. I asked that the phone records be reviewed again and the supervisor said that she would do that. I stayed on hold and she came back and said that the agent's notes reflect the either/or offer and not the AND offer.

She said that she reviewed the notes and never listened to the conversation. Sick of this I hung up. After confirmation I also found out that I would be paying tax on the room (this is usual) but that I would be also be paying a daily resort fee. This is BS for a hotel and a total scam.

They tried to switch me to another hotel aside from the one originally booked and that one had a parking fee in addition. Paid parking in Vegas? You have got to be kidding. Had I been told that this was an either/or offer at the beginning I never would have booked it.

That is ridiculous. The pot has to be sweetened somehow to get me to accept it. Never would have accepted the OR part. Beware of this company.

They are liars and cheaters. They will take your money and *** in the end. Grant that I will not be out a lot of money with this but that is not the issue. The issue is honesty in business and this company is definitely not that.

I am not a new person to this type of dealing.

I know how to document and what questions to ask and I still got screwed. My recommendation, if you hear the term Bluegreen, run the other way as fast as you can.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: They knew I was upset when I called. They should have just refunded my initial $199 and called it even. The money above, in addition to what was received as a gift card, is what it cost me to take advantage of this "free" trip..

Bluegreen Resorts Cons: Lied to, Poor customer service follow through, It was a scam.

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