We went from a Vacation Club member(should have stayed at that level) to the Bronze Level. Lots of information thrown at you, high pressure, fast talking salesman(that lied).

We were told the new monthly payment would be almost equal to what we were paying for our yearly maintenance fee if broken down and paid monthly. Well, we were billed the monthly fee(new mortgage fee to upgrade to Bronze) and another maintenance fee besides. That lying salesman told us over and over, "no more maintenance fees, this is all included in your monthly fee of the upgrade". Lying s-o-b that he is.

This all took place at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in November 2014. They treat you real nice,give you little treats and you trust them to tell you the truth, BUT THEY DON'T!! We should have never upgraded and just stayed at the level we were at. Now we have all these points and can't find a place that has rooms open to use them.

Also, the meetings they always want you to attend, waste of your time. They never last for the 90 minutes they say they will. All in all, they are deceitful. Not a good way to run a business.

Choose better help, train them better and oh yea...BE HONEST. I called and spoke to someone at the main call center, what a total waste of time that was. They did nothing, were not interested in doing anything. Now that sure is wonderful customer service.

They really don't care after they get your money. They should be ashamed of how they run/operate and treat their valuable customers. If I had run my business like that instead of being in business for 35 years I would have been in business for 35 days(maybe).

I have more honest integrity in my right hand(the one I shake with as a man) then they have in their entire corporate staff. So if you are thinking of joining/buying into Bluegreen, buyer beware.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Very well put. You are an honest citizen who expects to be treated with integrity.

Unfortunately, these "people" function in a very self-serving way. They need to make a living, and integrity is not on their mind. Only the sale. For this reason, I won't entertain their antics.

Post your message wherever you can. You will help a lot of uninitiated consumers.


Thanks for this information we are trying to decide now. We will stay where we're at.