Branson, Missouri

Prior to purchasing the time share i asked the salesman. If I purchase this and later decide I cannot afford it what will be my options?

He told me directly to my face that, they (Bluegreen) would sell the timeshare for me at a commisions rate or fee. I don't recall the exact. Anyway months later my wife gets a blood clot and we have medical bills to pay so we decide we can't afford the time share anymore. So I call bluegreen and ask them to sell the time share for me only to hear the reply of "We don't do that, sorry".

Instead they give me a phone number to a timeshare resale company that has a 5% successs rate and can only sell a time share that is paid in full. So now I can't refinance my house, I can't get a loan. My credit rating dropped 200 points and this is going to essentially ruin the next 10 years of myself and my wifes life. All the plans and dreams we had are now instantly shattered.

I don't understand how those sales people can sleep at night. They are lying crooks.

Monetary Loss: $11000.

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The 1st question I ask and repeated throughout the entire process of purchase was......My husband is in the coal industry and the bottom can fall out at any time. Will I be able to sell it if this occurs?

I was reassured MANY times throughout talking to the gentleman who showed us, the lady who came over for the paperwork, and again with the gentleman with the finance, that it was simple and would have no problem in doing so. If I didn't have a family member who would want to buy it then I could list through Pennical. Just call and they will list for $39 and it should sell in a couple of weeks to 30 days. At ****NO**** time did they tell me that if it was sold that the purchaser could not get the full benefits that we purchased!

The whole process of if you walk out the door you can never buy it for this again scheme does not allow the purchaser the time to research the company and look into the red tape and fine print per say. My husband and I have paid over $8,000 and only taken 1 vacation. Bluegreen would still be getting the same amount of money if the other person bought it so I don't understand why if they would be paying the entire amount of what we owe, would be the problem of them getting the benefits of what we collectively paid for? I did not go into this and "chose" to get something I could not pay for.

I chose to purchase a package that I was assured I could sell if this very thing happened. To me......that is very misleading sales tactics when you give the buyer false pretenses. I am glad you and I am sure many more enjoy the Bluegreen resorts. I pray you never have to find out the way I have.

My problem lies with the conditions I signed the contract under. :(


My husband and I also purchased a timeshare from Bluegreen. The selling point for me was that at any point if we were dissatisfied then they would assist in selling our timeshare.

We changed our mind within 6 months and called (our timeshare was paid off) and guess what ..... they no longer offer that service! I honestly wonder if they ever did. This was about 4 years ago and we are still stuck with it and those lovely yearly maintenance fees despite not using it.

... Any suggestions?


I too was lied to by Bluegreen. Pretty much same scenario as Pissed Consumer.

Was told at any point if we weren't happy with our timeshare we could return it or they would sell it or rent it for us.

Due to economical issues we became in a hardship state and made numerous calls to Bluegreen and in which every time told us we were lying about what we were told when we initially purchased the timeshare. Our credit report now suffers due to the economical hardship we occurred and Bluegreen lying about taking the timeshare back in times of such.