Madison, Wisconsin
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My husband and I were told we won a $100 visa gift card and 7 day 6 night vaca for 4 to a blue green resort and were entered in a drawing to win a mini-cooper. To receive our vaca voucher, we would have to attend a 45 min presentation.

We took off work, drove 2 hrs to get there, and then could not stay for the whole 3 hour presentation because of an appointment that could not be changed. We left empty handed and were treated terribly by multiple company representatives, as were many other people who were there.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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It's common knowledge that nothing is free and that timeshare salespeople will keep you as long as possible. 45 minutes seems an awfully short amount of time to listen to a presentation and to get such a fabulous vacation prize. Next time, if there is one, just clear your calendar for the day.


these jerks :? :cry


If you stayed for the promised time of the presentation and did not receive a promised reward, you should complain to the Attorney General as well as the professional licensing authority of that state. Bluegreen is likely in violation of state law and/or regulations. Look online at that state's web page.