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I signed up at the tanger mall in san marcos tx to try to win a new ram truck.i recieved a call telling me about the truck.i asked if i had won and was told no,but there were other prizes that could be won ,but the the truck was long gone.they told me that their company had an A plus rating with the BBB and that the Eilan motel was in downtown san antonio.thats where all the lies started.i bought into it for$169.oo.i called the eilan motel and it was on the northwest side of san antonio about 12 miles from the riverwalk downtown.i also called the BBB.they told me the service was so bad that bluegreen vacations had no rating. I called back wanting to cancel and was told that that they had me recorded where i agreeded to the terms at which point i told they that they had lied about some thigs so i wanted nothing to do with them and wanted my money back.they refused although i treatened to call the attorney general.

They still refused.this was 2/04/2019.on 03_03/2019 i got a call from bluegreen vacations wanting to know how were things going since i had yet to set up the vacation.i told them i needed to speek to yhe complain dept.a very nice lady answered and told me that if i sent a letter letting them know why i wanted a refund post dated no later than 03/04/2019 i would get my money back.i sent the letter and figured it might take about 6 weeks to get my refund.i waited 6 weeks and called back.some other lady answered and checked.she told my that it was not canceled cause i had called back on 03/18)2019 and wznted into their scam.i mean their program.(another lie).she said she would have to call amd see if she could find the recording where i accepted back into gheir program. I got a text the next day telling me that my $169 would be put back on my card.iws zfter 3 days around.04/03/2019.and by the way,we went to tanger mall in san marcos around the middle of March and low and behold they is the same damn ram truck still sucking people in.(another lie.)

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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