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as of today 7-15-2013 we havent heard a thing from bluegreen i did stop payment on credit card with barclay due to breech of contract with bluegreen this might help you also i hired a attorney to look into the matter of getting money back wellsee barklay credit is looking at my problem so maybe you should contact the credit company you went through to purchase your bluegreen rip off i also stopped paying maintenence fees so maybe that will get help also they screwed up my credit anyway so why not screw it up some moe is anyone out there involved in a class action suit we can join keep me posted

Original review posted by user Jun 12, 2013

we also got ripped off by bluegreen. they took our money and we couldnt book trips unless we paid for them only to find out we had no resort avaiable it,s time for a class action suit can anyone help?734-729-9249sales reps have lied about buying the timeshare back you can never get any agent to call you back to help sell it back.i'm sure there are plenty of other people out there who are stuck and would like to get out of there contract or sell there timeshare. we made the mistake of paying ours off with credit cards so we would get bonus points that we cant use any way .

Monetary Loss: $13000.

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I just recently eent to a presentation and was going to agree to it but I did not have 300 to put down. The sales rep said he would allow me to pay later.

I have been calling for contract with no response. Is this a blessing in disguise?


If you have no contract, and they do not have your financial information, count your blessings. You are better off not buying, and certainly better off not buying from the developer.

These timeshares go for pennies on the dollar on the resale market. Plus, you can often rent them for a lot less than the annual maintenance fees!


The problem with a class action suit is the lawyers make all the money. You can use the lies and misrepresentations to get out of you contract and money back.

Visit my site at www.timesharetricks.blogpot.com or email me at notimeshare@gmail.com.

I have helped get people out without taking advantage of you.

If you have hired a lawyer I have a site where you can get research I've done on Bluegreen, complaints, past lawsuits and news articles to the tune of 1100 pages. You can find it at www.timesharegetout.blogspot.com