North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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We had a tour at Harbor lights on feb 21st. We checked in at arond 11:30.

Our time for touring was 12:00. There was a few people ahead of us and alot more came in after us. We actually sat and talked to a couple that came about 20 to 30 minutes after us. They were one of the first called.

We waited until around 12:20 and I WENT TO ASK QUESTONS. They had missplaced our paper work. They said someone would be right with us. About 5 more minutes passed and we told them we were leaving.

I think this place stinks. People take thier time to go there and they get treated this way. We had a 40 min ride plus gas to get there. We were offered 75.00 +vacation + family pic to do this.

We got nothing except our time and gas to go there for nothing. They didnt even seem to care.

I think this place is a scam. I have family that travels down here alot and as of now I would not reccomened this place to them.

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I Have 20,000 points that float. Deeded in Harbour Lights SC.

For those of you that love Bluegreen I will sell them to you for a ton lower than Bluegreen. 336-685-0791

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