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It is bad enough that they added extra fees ,to do the up grading to the place. We have owned ours for twenty years and it was nice to start with , as the years has gone by the maintenance quality as gone from bad to worst.

The furniture has maybe been changed out twice the cleaning of the rooms really suck a kid could do better. Then they decide to paint and up grade and charge us more . What the *** I have been paying fees ever since we bought it and they haven't kept the maintenance up and we have pay for it and now we have to pay more. I called to set up a payment plan for these fees and thought they were taking it out , get a letter today and only payment that was taken was the one of the day I called and now charged me more cause I now owe two payments.

I called them and he wanted me to pay in full. if I could of done that I wouldn't set payments up. They are always redoing the club house' but have let the rest run down . We bought our unit the in 96 .

by 99 it had went to the dogs. You arrive all you want to do is check in get settled, use to get to checking in at 1 now they have until 4 and you walk in the tub has black rings the toilet nasty , half the dishes and cookware you use to have and you have them up to fix stove and refridge and then you noticed microwave isn't working and refridge is out again , then you have to move to another unit. This is our fees at work. If you are happy with your place you either haven't owned it long , or you are in the newer part.

I know when I came in August unit 434 had better be up dated and clean as a whistle . Ours is the oldest part it and town houses below us . They said all would be done in 5 years if they are taking five years to do it why do we have to pay for it in 2 years. I am going to sell mine after this year because it sucks to be an owner in a place that hasn't been took care of and we worked so hard to have a nice place to go which it isn't.

Then they bug you to come up for 2 hours to up grade , which we are never doing and just want be to left alone . Why do they expect us to up grade after we pay 5900 for ours and been told it is worth 1200, I thought value was suppose to go up not down

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Bluegreen Resorts Pros: Location.

Bluegreen Resorts Cons: Maintenance fees going up place going down hill, Bothering me to up grade, Lied about my fees being set up to automactically come out.

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