Weogufka, Alabama

We were told that we could use some of our points to pay our maintenance fees, but when we called to do that we were told no b/c there were too many customers doing that and that Bluegreen needed the money rather than allow us to use points. Well, their needing money isn't my problem...we ALL need money right now.

We feel like the Sales office out and out LIED to us.

We also have problems with black out times like some of the others have said. Shouldn't we all file a class-action lawsuit against them?

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We were suckered into this scam 7 yrs ago. Like most everyone else, everytime we try to make reservations, no matter where, we are always told "nothing available" at that location, would we like to make a reservation somewhere else.

We always try to make reservations at a place convenient to our location. The m/f are a rip off. Matter of fact, B.G. is a rip off, we have complained sooooo many times to no avail no results.

Now we are being hasseled by these creeps wanting to sell the thing. Upon the initial conversation, they make you think they are helping you without cost to you, before you know it these "slick ***'s" have your credit card number and bing bang bingo, your screwed...I would never recomment these timeshares to anyone...A TOTAL RIP OFF.....


There is an attorney currently taking names of Bluegreen owners who are seeking justice for being scammed. Contact cybershu@yahoo.com for details.


Bluegreen lied to us also about the maintanance fees. They have no customer services after you buy from them.

What a scam!!!! Been with bluegreen over a year and still havent been on a vacation b/c they have nothing available


If you really need the money then take it apon yourself to get it. Book Daytona Beach during bike week or the Daytona 500 and put it in some newspapers.

Add that into your costs. Myself and a couple of my friends do this every year.

I have owned for 5 years and have never paid MF doing it this way. It is amazing what people will pay just to get into those things.



Do you fully understand the wait list?

You make your request and go on the wait list, the evening before the 11 month date your reservation is made ( check online the evening before the 11 month date and you will find your points have gone from your account.) and confirmed.

Therfore you already have your reservation at the start of business on the 11 month out date.

I also have to use the prime summer months and I have got what i wanted well after the 11 month, last year I managed a summer week on the gulf coast at 7 months out.

Untill the credit crunch yes you could use your points for MF but with a lot having the same idea cos' money is tshort then is it any wonder they have now made it so unattractive , the MF pay for the upkeep of the resorts and you have to admit you would do the same, you cant pay for the upkeep if nobody pays cash for the MF.

Lets hope after the credit crunch( and lets face it it all stems from those greedy US Bankers) things will go back to normal and a fairly decent rate for the points to MF

The saved point rule was brought in to make it fairer for everybody and to avoid owners booking all the prime time with saved points and then cancelling them an extension to this is when they changed the rule of not being able to book part weeks untill 5 months out (this was changed to 11 months out ) but as in life some win some lose but it makes it fair for those who do not own a large number of points

Also Brian if you read about those 3 days stay they are not at the resorts but at hotels

So Brian go on the wait list and unless you want a unit and resort that is very very limted inventory then you should get what you want


Well, the sales staff did lie to me outright. He told me that with a "silver" membership, we could book 12 months out (not true, we get put on a waiting list), we could exchange points for dividends which are used toward maint fees (also not entiredly true, only points that are not listed as "saved" points), and that said dividend points are worth 10 cents per point when used to pay MF (nowhere near true, they are worth 1 cent).

The salesman also told us we could sell the points back to BG in the event we were unsatisfied, and that they would sell them off by deeding property at one of their retirement villages.

Another big fat lie.

Seeing as how its virtually impossible to book a desired summer location unless you book the max 11 months months in advance, you might as well say they have blackout periods because BG must be saving desirable bookings for their sales bookings (those free 3-day vacations they give away) because you know *** good and well that those aren't booked 11 months in advance. Another scam, if you have saved points, you can't use them to book anything in high red season, AND you can't use them to book a resort in advance for a week that falls after the expiration date of the saved points, even if you call to make the reservation long before they expire.


it could be said that you wanting money is not Bluegreens problem it works both ways.

The sales people did not lie to you about this , up til this year you could pay with points and get a decent return but the people to blame are not these sales people but the greedy US Bankers who have put the whole of the world in to this mess

If you have a full ownership (which you must have to even think of paying MF with points) then there are no blackout periods ..

Blackout times only come into play if you are a sampler owner which you must aggree is fair to those who have already bought points

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