I have read some of the articles here and they all contain some of the bait and switch we experienced at BG. It is impossible to book a reservation. When you have an issue, all the managers are hiding under their desks. You are left with the poor clerk at their vacation club number who can't do anything to solve your problem. We have booked several different vacations with great difficulty. At each we went to the "one" hour presentation to "up date" us on changes to improve our vacation experience. They are all filled with the lies outlined in all the reports here. At the last one I really blasted them and they got the head gal to listen to my complaints. She listened attentively and viewed each one as though she was hearing it for the first time.

The current problem is a billing one. The yearly fees, which keep going up each year were due on May 15. I instructed my bank to pay by electronic check to arrive by May 15. I have done this process every several days for a number of years and never a failure. On May 18 my wife attempted to arrange a vacation on the web site, which was blocked for unpaid charges. On the 19th. I called and was told to check with my bank and then they admitted that it might take up to two weeks to post the check. I tried to climb the management chain, but got "he's out" or a voice mail box.

They could at least allow a grace period as long as it takes them to post a check before they cut off the wed site or tell you on the invoice that it takes much longer than normal for them to post a check.

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If you know how to use your Bluegreen points, it should in no way be impossible to book your vacations. Incorrect negativity like what you have written is what prompts me to comment on this site.

I've owned for 8 years and love my Bluegreen. I have never had a problem.


You're a blatant shill for bluegreen. 39 comments, all about how terrific bluegreen is, eh?


She's probably one of BG's salespeople.

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