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Bluegreen Resorts say all the right things a person want to hear. But when it comes down to booking your trip. You don't get what is in the book. You don't get the dates or trips. They say no black out but i wanted to go back to NC and i was told i could not go in the months of June, July or August. They only offer three location in those months. Far to travel with children. But the book gives you a better select that you can't use. Dont be Fooled. No summer vacation pissed money gone
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just in let you know yuou did not get them down to $1000 for 9000 thats a sampler you plonker


my husband and I went to pigeon forge in july, he bought it for 99. at bass pro I checked it out before we ever went and EVERYTHING that was posted is true.

they start u off with 20,000 points for $30,000. 16.99% intrest are they kidding me we kept them going back and forth after they check the "inventory" give me a break got all the way down to 9,000 points for $1,000. It was kinda fun to watch knowing we where NEVER going to do it.. had a few hours to waste while we waiting for friends.

the other thing when we booked we couldn't do the Sun-thur.

so we did fri-sun and had to pay an extra 10.00 per day 30.00 fri, sat, sun, when in fact you're really only there fri& sat night check out sun 10am. STAY AWAY!!!


You are not a Blue Green owner. The program you bought does not allow you to visit some resorts during those months, since the are reserved for owners.

All of this was explained to you and you said you understood.Check the recording you agreed to. You also signed that you understood these dates were for ouners right next to the paragraph that you read which explains it.

You agreed to things you did not understand when you should have asked questions.


WOW, is it really the hospitality industry's responsibility to spell everything out for all the tourists who leave their brains at home while on vacation? NO it's not...

Think about it. You and your family wanted to visit THE SOUTH, near Myrtle Beach, In the MIDDLE of the summer between Bike week and July 4th, and YOU Can't GET why it would be impossible... OH my word, how funny... Nobody's ripping your family off, and NO Timeshare company has Blackout dates, but that doesn't mean you don't have to use your head in planning.

That's like being pissed you can't visit the keys in August, for the week of the 3rd in the middle of a tropical storm...

You couldn't with anyone because to transfer you would mean risking all profit and lets keep in mind that any business out there is set up to make money... I would suggest you stay at home and work on selling your Timeshare with the help of RCI, there are plenty of buyers out there willing to pay your discounted price instead of the current rates...

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