Lowmansville, Kentucky

In my experiences dealing with Matt Calhoun, he is a fair and honest man. He is always above board and beyond reproach -- Very rarely does anyone have anything good to say about anybody, however, if your in business an hour or 30 years I guarantee you will have some or several people say something bad about you -- This is just business, If you are people are so upset, try finding recourse in the federal agencies that govern such industries -- Because the individuals working within them are just trying to make a living like I and you -- Just because you bought a Time Share then one day it magically dawned on you that you never use it and the maintenance fees are killing you, then you go to get help and because you feel as though you were not helped enough, or your expectations were not met why did you not seek legal action -Answer-what you saying is only half true and you have no legal case. Therefore you have no right to slander a man on the internet possibly effect his livelihood not to mention; he is one of the best in his industry, hence all the attention brought to him -- Its not rocket science people, you have to practically beg someone to write a good review about you but a bad review seems to grow on trees -- I can ensure you that: For every bad review you find about Matt Calhoun there are 4 good ones people have not published because they are to busy living there lives, vacationing etc., Unlike most whom choose to ranting and rave on the internet, blaming some else for there own bad choices.

Rep-management/eCommerce specialist

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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