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This company misleads, misrepresents! After spending nearly 17,000 dollars paid in full we discover we are not "Silver" members which is what we were lead to believe during the initial presentation!

We pay for an upgrade to stay oceanfront at the Seaglass resort in myrtle beach (for our owners meeting to help us learn how to use Bluegreen...which is what we were told) only to find out a few days before leaving this resort is under renovation and no oceanfront available! It seems no one knows what the *** is going on!

And now they are sending us false information regarding referral names we supposedly provided them stating they need us to update the info on people we've never even heard of!!! I could go on but I'm sick of this place and we haven't even taken our first vacation yet!

We filed a complaint in Nov, at our owners meeting, about the deceptive practices and have yet to hear from anyone!

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We have 10,000 a year but we were told we could borrow from following year if we wanted to.

Well...when we tried to combine years and use 20,000 points at a ski resort we were told 10,000 points will be downgraded (because we haven't used them before our 1 yr anniversary date with Bluegreen)and now we can only use in a red, blue or white resort season and not use in an ultra red season! But...if we want to pay our maintenance fees a year early we could get our 10000 points from next year and use them

It's never ending!!!


Educate yourself on how to use your points, and you will have some wonderful vacations with 17,000 points. You are Bronze, not silver. I started out with 7,000 points and had some great vacations.


Correction, you don't have 17,000 points, I see it was $17,000. How many points do you have ?


Since I see your frequent positive comments Scarlett, how many points do you have NOW?


The precise amount that works for me and my family to go on wonderful vacations with Bluegreen...or through RCI...

I humbly apologize for my saying onomatopoeia instead of alliteration...

Retirement does that, I guess...

But it gives me more time to spend enjoying my Bluegreen ownership with other happy owners who I have met through the years..

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