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Now that we are home and recuperated from our Bluegreen experience, I wanted to send a letter of compliant. After researching a bit, I see I'm not the only one out there and so this letter may well be ignored.We were first contacted at a Bass Pro Shop store in Detroit regarding a vacation in Tennessee. We asked point blank about the high pressure aspect of it and were told it was absolutely NOT a high pressure thing and at the time, it seemed too good to be true! Two nights lodging in a nice place, 2 free aquarium $20 tickets, and a $25 Bass Pro shop card all for $69. Whew! We seldom did vacations so thought it would be a great break. Awesome, sounds great and all we have to do is sit thru a 90 min showing. Cool, or so we thought. When we booked our date they said we would be have to be put up in a chain hotel - an Econo lodge. Ok, fine. The motel was fine, but certainly nothing outstanding whatsoever and frankly once into town saw the signs everywhere that lodging was CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! We could have easily gotten the same room anywhere else for 2 nights for $69! So, beginning to feel disappointed then, we shrugged it off as luck. But hey we got two aquarium tickets and $25 at Bass Pro! Cool! Right? We went to our resort showing at 3PM, which frankly was a major hassle to be had in the middle of the day on vacation. We left the kids at the hotel to relax because we'd only be an hour and a half right? WRONG again. We met our sales rep, and she small talked us for a half hour, asking lots of personal questions to "get to know us" when in actuality she was memorizing this stuff to use against us if we said no later on... to make us feel guilty for not wanting to have fabulous times etc etc. We sat thru an hour long speech and jargon on why they are so great, then viewed some examples for another half hour. Major money spent in the show room by the way. Wow. Then returned to a desk where the numbers came out. Ouch. Final number crunching time. This is where they got VERY aggressive. Neither my husband or I ever feel comfortable about signing anything without doing any research, nor did we wish to be contracted into anything long term, and this was big money... thousands of dollars. Infact the $60,000 pkg was the "best deal", but you could do about $8000 and up. From there we were majorly manipulated into the point of me crying as to the guilt layed on of not wanting to provide vacations for my kids and such. She was now using the info she got from us originally against us to twist our arms and guilt us into spending thousands of dollars! Whatever reason we said no for, she had a counter attack! One minute they say they don't want to take food money from us but yet say "Why can't you see that this works?". We got up pissed off, and me crying, walking out time and time again. I saw lots of people signing up and understand why! By now, you just wanted to be done and would almost sign anything to be able to leave! Of course it was the usual today was the only day we could get this deal! C'mon! This was WAY worse than the old shove it down your throat Kirby sales! Who knows if it is all as good as they say right then! Finally as a last ditch effort almost out the door, they pulled out the final offer....a $895.00 trial package for a year, but no equity or deed. Remember they only wanted us NOT to throw away money on vacations right? By now we were almost 4 hours into this and couldn't leave! Vacation? You know at one point, I even looked up to see two of the supervisors glaring, watching our sales person like a hawk for the sale, just as she let into me about how life is too short to go to our deathbeds without every having vacations with our kids and only being worried about promotions and working harder. Wow! It was amazing! Needless to say I jumped down her throat after that and then she said, "Well, thats ok, if you don't ever want to take a vacation with your kids and have those memories I guess thats your perogative." What the heck! I was shocked at this! Yes, they are on the NYSE and such with big investors all saying they are fabulous, but c'mon it is a shockingly HIGH pressure guilt ridden deal that they demand you get into immediately, so it works for them! OF COURSE! No matter if the program is top notch and super savings doesn't matter, because of the way they shove it down your throat! No research, buy today, only screams deceit! Maybe if it wasn't a "today only" thing we would might research and save up some cash and buy into it! But no way! This on demand guilt uses peoples emotions, exploits their vacations and hearts for the mighty dollar! I'm frankly sickened at our "vacation" over this showing and now also disgusted with Bass Pro Shops for buying into this exploitation of peoples lives. It shadowed and ruined not only the half day but the rest of the vacation because we were so sickened by it! The hour and a half ended up being 4 hours with the kids stuck back at the hotel! Disgusting! No Thanks. I will HAPPILY AND EVER SO GLADLY THROW AWAY money for a vacation to avoid ever feeling trapped and bullied like that again, no matter if its a great offer or program or not. And thanks too for making me realize that working for the mighty dollar by NOT twisting peoples arms is awesome! I feel sorry for these people having to resort to doing this to make a buck; prostitution comes to mind. Thanks for making me realize what REALLY is important in this short life! This was a sad experience to see what people can stoop to for that mighty dollar.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Package.

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I work for Bluegreen, and, yes, we're trained to sell a product to unsuspecting consumers. We will do whatever is necessary to accomplish our goal, which is to sign up customers so that we can collect huge sums of money on maintenance fees and club dues.

We very often say whatever it takes to close the sale, because our contract has a provision that states whatever a salesman promises is non-binding, and that only the contract is legally binding. So, until *** people stop coming to our booths at trade shows, we will continue to take advantage of you all.


I have to agree with velvet elvis. I would have cursed the woman to no end and walked out!

However, based on my experience with the presentation, they try everything they can to manipulate you.

But my husband and I wasn't buying it!!! I wished they would've tried to humiliate me and my family!


I don't understand people who stay through these presentations and speak about them as if they were being held against their will or something. They are just salesman.

Tell them "NO Thanks" and leave. Geez.


thanks, your comment was a great help . You kept me from making a huge mistake. for the second time.


Seriously, do you really believe that you can get something great for such a low price?? There is always a price to pay!!!!!!!!!!!Wake Up


I can feel your pain... I too went the the high pressured sales garbage. Sure, these people are only sales people looking to make a sale, but that doesn't mean we can't complain about the COMPANY. After all it's the company selling the product.....

bluegreen shouldn't be so dang shady... I even asked them to give me a few days to think about it..

They totally refused to give me any time.

Any company that won't give you time to think about it, is a dead give away..

perhaps they are afraid someone might google... bluegreen resort complaints.........


You suck must work for suckey Blue Green.


I imagine "yousuck" works for Bluegreen. I did read the fine line of the offer from BassPro. It specifically states the presentation is 90-120 minutes long. After 21/2 hours we said we were going to leave. They informed us we had to stay if we were to receive our Bass Pro cards and have our hotel (ours was nice though) paid for. Fortunately, I had the offer with me and showed them the "fine print". They took my offer, showed it to various "managers" (which took up time while our sales rep continued to try and sell to us) before coming back to us with our cards. Then, they took forever before given us a voucher for our room. They are indeed a vile, disgusting group of vermin. There are much better ways to sell and much better ways to make a living. Fortunately, we knew what we were getting into and enjoyed the rest of our trip anyway. If you accept one of their offers, highlight the amount of time it says you are required to stay and make them stick with it! Also, know your rights!!!! Even if pressured into buying you can get out of it if you act within a few days! Laws vary by state. Georgia is 3 days.

And no, you are not horrible for leaving your kids in a motel room assuming they are old enough! (which I'm assuming they are!)

Take Care,


You should dig *** and jump into it. the only thing you are complaining about is some one doing there job!

WOW you did this to yourself THIS IS AMERICA NOTHING IS FREE OR ALMOST FREE get over it lady there was a nice looking sales woman selling your husband and you got mad becouse at no time have you mentioned how he hated the whole thing!

You should have researched that booth at the BASS PRO SHOP before you gave someone your $69 expecting something free and one more thing next time you take your kids on a vacation make sure its over 2days and DONT LEAVE THEM ALONE IN SOME STRANGE AND *** MOTEL!!!!!!! WHAT A MOTHER ONLY COMPLAINED ABOUT THE PRESENTATION AND NOT THAT SHE LEFT HER KIDS LOCKED IN SOME ROOM FOR 4 HOURS!!!

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