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One of the lies that we were told, was that we could camp at Good Sams Campgrounds for 50% off. We are Good Sams members and currently get 10% off at Good Sams Parks.

Good Sams Parks have never heard of Bluegreen, and Bluegreen customer representatives have never heard of Good Sams Campgrounds.

As a matter of fact, if you call a bluegreen customer representative and ask any question concerning RV's, they can't answer it. Bluegreen does not have an "RV Package", but they will sure sell you one!!

Original review posted by user Apr 16, 2014

When we became members, we bought the "RV" package of 3000 points per year and were told that we could use these points for Coast to Coast campgrounds. Well, if you look at the list of Coast to Coast campgrounds in the US, there are very few in places we would want to go.

We were given Bluegreen Encore rewards credit cards, and the balance of out membership charged to that. The card earns points that we can use to pay maintenance fees and Dues. They made the statement that we would have enough points from purchasing the membership to pay our "dues" for the next two years. Well, that statement was true, but misleading to someone that doesn't know the difference between dues and maintenance fees.

The truth is, the rewards points are worth 1%, or 5,000 points is worth $50.00. We paid $8,500 for the membership, and our dues and maintenance fees annually are $609.00. We can camp 12 nights per year on 3,000 points, and we pay $609.00 per year in fees, so we are paying about $50.00 per night to camp with Bluegreen, which is about what it would cost to camp without Bluegreen, except that we paid $8,500.00 for the "privilege" So, where is the benefit?

Every "benefit" you have as a bluegreen member has a fee associated with it. So, do your homework before you buy a Bluegreen membership.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $8500.

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To anyone that is currently stuck in a Bluegreen RV package, my advice is to have an attorney write a letter to Bluegreen corporate executives and state your complaints, and mention all the lawsuits and better business bureau complaints. Then ask them to refund your money and cancell your contract in return for a signed non disclosure contract.

You can also write the Attorney General for the state of Florida in which their corporate headquarters resides. You can also write the Better Business Bureau of Florida, who has handled many many complaints on Bluegreen Corporation.


Thank you for this information.


Before you signed on the dotted line, you didn't look at the list of Coast to Coast campgrounds in the US, and see there are very few in places you would want to go ?????


In reply to your question, did I look at a list of Coast to Coast campgrounds before I signed on the dotted line, the answer is no. I took this 4 day "free" vacation from Bass Pro Shop, and had to listen to a timeshare presentation.

I did not know ahead of time that Coast to Coast campgrounds would be mentioned, and conveniently, there was not a list of those campgrounds there. Should I have researched Bluegreen before I went there? Yes. Am I an *** for letting them scam me into this?

Yes. However, that is water under the bridge now, and I am currently trying to get out of this contract. My purpose for writing this complaint is so that other RV'rs like me will not be suckered into an "RV package" that they really do not have. I know that there are many people that like the timeshare deal for staying in condo's, and that's ok.

But my decision to buy this was based on lies, and misleading sales practices. However, don't take my word for it, type in "Bluegreen Complaints" into google and see what comes up. They were sued by the attorney general of Pennsylvania in 2008, and I believe there are other states that are in the process of the same thing. Look at the BBB complaints.

Look at the people that have complained in Pissed Consumer about Bluegreen. They are snakes in the grass, buyer beware!!!!


I have heard multiple complaints about what's happening out of Bass Pro....Are you sure this has anything to do with Bluegreen? There are only a couple of campground sites that I am aware of in the Bluegreen resorts....

Time and time again though...Bass Pro has mislead folks.....I'd definitely ask to talk to Bass Pro execs...all the way to their owner, Johnny Morris, who is heavily invested up at Big Cedar...and in some sort of partnership there with Bluegreen..

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