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Update by user Aug 23, 2018

We have been refunded all our down payment money and were told we are 100% cancelled along with apologies for what happened to us. Nothing in writing and believe me I've asked for it...but, I feel it truly is over.

Trust me, I'm going to be cautious the next several months and make sure something doesn't show up out of the blue. (Was told sometimes they will issue refund only to take it out again in few months).

Update by user Aug 23, 2018

As of today; it looks like Bluegreen cancelled our contract. Our down payment money has been refunded to our credit card and we were told our contract is cancelled; however, we don't have anything in writing to back this up.

I would feel much better with something in writing stating the cancellation.

They are also looking into the matter about all the lies that were told and were very apologetic about this happening. I think we were lucky because we were not the only ones complaining about this particular salesperson.

Update by user Jul 25, 2018

Well nothing resolved after several phone calls. They have put in a request to cancel contract but no promises.

Waiting to see what comes of it before taking further action.

It is true contracts are legally binding. However, under general contract law contracts are cancellable for a variety of reasons including fraud, misrepresentation and failure of consideration.

Original review posted by user Jul 24, 2018

My husband and I purchased a 10000 point package July 16, 2018. After returning home from vacation on the 23rd and trying to utilize some of the things we were told; we have made the decision to cancel this contract and request a full refund. I have called quality assurance department and someone is suppose to be returning our call. We also have a call in to our attorney.


While still on our vacation we tried to utilize a boat rental perk the salesman told us about numerous times only to find out NOT POSSIBLE. We thought maybe we had to wait til we were on a charter club member vacation to utilize this amenity. However, I have since find out it this is not possible period. FIRST LIE.

He also told us we could start booking vacations within 24 hours and kept telling us to be sure and do so. We returned home July 23, 2018 and July 24, 2018 I have tried to log in so we could start looking at vacations only to find I have to wait 30-45 days. ANOTHER LIE.

He told us we could book vacations for friends and family with our points or bonus time. I asked if we were liable or required to be there and was told no. Only to find out that, the member has to be there at sign in and throughout stay. ANOTHER LIE.

There are more LIES and I could go on most of which you have already ready about on some of the other post.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $14000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Bluegreen Resorts Cons: Salesperson lied, Were dishonest.

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I received phone call yesterday and they are taking this serious and are investigating the lies we were told by the salesman. This nice gentleman assured me 100% the contract is being cancelled.

I had just mailed our kit back on Tuesday and was told at that time our contract is in the process of cancellation.

However, I can't get them to send me anything in writing confirming this. I have my attorney on hold and will be calling the first of next week to confirm this cancellation and try to get something in writing.


This is nice to know before we go on our scheduled trip next month.


I have sent in the rescission letter overnight receipt required. I'm just waiting to for their call today. I have also spoke to an attorney and we are waiting to see what happens from the letter.


Contract rescission rights vary by state. You mention that you called Quality Assurance.

Your contract should contain a paragraph addressing your rescission rights. Normally, you may return the documents in person either to the location of sale or the company's corporate office OR return the documents by mail. I always recommend REGISTERED MAIL RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED. A few timeshare companies allow rescission notification by email, but most do not.

I have never heard of a timeshare contract rescission by telephone. If you do not timely follow specified procedures, your automatic right to a contract rescission is forfeited.


Hope you get your money back. They will never stop lying to you. I have been an owner for almost 20 years and never have been happy.

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