Branson, Missouri

We bought into Bluegreen , they were telling us you can go any where you would like. Come to find out the most popular places that people would like to visit, open up 1st to to people who have moved up their ladder.

Meaning they have silver, then bronze, etc. So in order to get to these places, you have to be at the top wrung . Meaning it takes alot more then your 1st buy in. We have almost 30k invested, and we still can't book in Hawaii .

We haven't invested enough money.

The higher up the wrung you buy into, your maintenance fees almost double. Then on top of that they keep raising them, and charging you other fees that you really don't have to pay, that you don't know unless you call, and ask what this extra fee is about.

Monetary Loss: $29000.

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I just booked for Hawaii. How far in advance are you trying to book ?


If you happened to buy into Bluegreen, look at your deed then check the points it takes to stay there. We did and find although we are "deeded" 2 full weeks each year at a location, for our "points" we cannot stay at that location even once per year for our "points".

They claim the do not double sell their properties even to the point of only selling 95% so they always have room.

The reason they "always" have rooms is the people that are "deeded" that time is they cannot stay there. Personally think time for owners to unite & have state attorney generals look in depth into their practices.

@Ripped Off

You obviously don't understand what you purchased. For starters, 12 months in advance you can reserve your " deeded " weeks...NOBODY can get your deeded unit until 11 months in advance. You seriously need to learn how your ownership works.


Not all places lie to you. Don't judge based on one sales rep or sales place.

Read the newsfeed on your owner site and you can see that they've updated a lot. They've updated the way you can make reservations by going by date!! And it shows you the whole entire inventory at every resort for that date. There's also a new referral program!!

If you send anyone in who BUYS, you get a minimum of $500 to go towards your main. fees!! Go to owner updates and TAKE CONTROL. Ask them how to use certain things and have them show you on your own tablet and site!

It's awesome. Plus use RCI for Hawaii as well. That's what I did and I had no trouble with that. I just had to book 9 months ahead of time.

Good luck! And also go on their facebook as well so you can see all the owners talking to each other...also their yahoo group.


We have the same problem. Bought low at 3k points.

Can't use a darn one of them. They told us to come back for a 2 night stay in Orlando so we could talk to a rep and see how to use our points. It was another scam to get us to buy more points!! This time we said no and are looking to quit claim deed them back to blue green.

Go to Time share users group. LOTS of info on how to get rid of time shares.

tug2 was featured on one of the big 3 news stations, can't remember if it was ABC, NBC or it and see if you can find the interview. The guy who started it was scammed into buying a time share.


Been on Tug, there is some good info there.....was lied to also by BG, all I can say is "What a Nightmare" :cry :sigh


Did you buy at Big Cedar...? I went to their presentation a couple of years ago and almost bought too.

Sine then I've read countless reviews and realize just how much I was lied to that day.

Good luck.

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