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Received letter stating I have a reservation (which I did not make) for 7/11/2010 and If I if I did not show up my credit card would be charged for the stay. I never made the reservation and when I called the number in the letter they refe4red me to another number where I left a message.

I have notified my credit card company to reject any charges from that location as being bogus.

While the first encounter with Bluegrass was quite plesant - this harassment is over the top.

*** and dishonest busniness propr5ietors are very kind words.

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Jet, Oklahoma, United States #179418

Bluegreen has been wonderful to us. We have gone to Tenessee, Florida and the caribbean.

The trick is to plan your vacations right and in advance, then you will have the time of ur life! we havee 8)


We have been members for just 2 years now and are extremely happy with our membership, we have gotten every trip we wanted. Every new owner has to learn that you have to book as far in advance as possibe. :)


Please can someone help us to decide to keep the BlueGreen Ownership??? Are there any happy owners out there??? What are somethings to call and ask about??

WE only have about a week left if we want to cancell :x :cry :eek :sigh

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