Saint Augustine, Florida
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I requested a mortgage payoff. Was promised to me in 3 to 5 days it's been 10 and I'm still waiting for it.

requested It again today February 12 2015. As far as interest do not buy into this rip off. I'm paying about 29% and I have excellent credit, otherwise they wouldn't have sold me the property. My bad for not reading the fine print.

I'm just trying to buy my way out of this huge ripoff ASAP!!! Now when you go to stay at a resort, they do a high-pressure sales pitch on you.

Just decline when you have to go to the other check-in desk for your parking pass-that's just dumb in the first place. No means no!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I can definitely relate. We bought into this scam not once but twice.

I have been on the phone for over an hour trying to get the loan information and find out why after the 84 month payment terms, we are still seeing them take money out of our account each month. I have been transferred 3 times already and getting nowhere fast! DO NOT EVER FALL SUCKER TO THESE SCAM ARTISTS! In 7.5 years, we have been able to book 3 vacations, every time you try to book everything is booked completely.

They tell you that it's because your anniversary date is a bad time of year (YET ANOTHER SCAM!) So, they convince you to buy more points to change your anniversary date.

Only to find out that was a lie and doesn't do you a damn bit of good and now you have two loans that you are stuck with for vacations you will never get to experience!! I am now on hold with the 4th transfer, and no matter what option I select, it continues to repeat the same recorded response.


I don't understand this post. We paid ours off a few years ago and I received the amount over the phone, current to a specific day.

When we first bought the timeshare the sales person offered it with their financing which had a 14% rate as I recall and he said he knew that was high and we could finance with someone else if we chose, then or at a later time. I'm sorry you had such a difficult experience.

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