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We bought weeks from Bluegreen in 1995 in Gatlinburg. We have exchanged to many places over the years but rarely got to go where we wanted when we wanted to go.

A few years into the timeshare industry the went to points and we were told that it would be increasingly difficult to get the time and places we wanted if we didn't switch to points so after several times being told this we switched, costing us MORE mondy. Still having difficulty getting where we wanted when we wanted, in 2011 we were at the Fountains (a very nice resort) and we went to a presentation after much pressure to go. They absolutely assurred us that if we would just buy another group of points we could pretty much go anywhere we wanted any time. We were both in our 60's retired and made a bad choice by being talked into purchasing these points hoping to be able to travel more and use our sizeable investment.

So, we wanted to go to Florida in Jan or Feb of 2013 and started early trying to get as far down south as we could early. However, Bluegreen had NOTHING. When I asked about several resorts pretty far down south, I was told that they were resorts not really owned by Bluegreen but that they gave Bluegreen a "few" units and these went fast. Having access to so many more resorts due to a merger with, I believe Shell, was one of their BIG selling points in 2011.

So, we booked through RCI at a resort in Daytona Beach. When we arrived today the resort is VERY substandard and when I contacted RCI, can't reach Bluegreen until Monday, I was told that the resort we were given is classified as 'Resort of Hospitality' which is the next to lowest rating in RCI's system. This trade cost me 30,400 points. We are gold members with, I believe, 32,000 points.

We pay $1,800 in maintenance fees. I was told by RCI that I would not be able to get a Gold Crown resort for that number of points. Their is something wrong with this picture when I can only get a very substandard resort for almost all of my year's points that I have Paid a LOT of money for and pay very high maintenance fees for annually. I WANT OUT OF MY CONTRACT with Bluegreen and need some guidance as to how to do this without ruining my credit.

I believe we have been misled numerous times by Bluegreen and have been naive enough to buy their sales pitch. We were told by RCI that we can leave this resort after driving two days to get here and they will refund us our exchange fee and give us the points back. We are leaving tomorrow morning and hope RCI upholds their end of the deal but here we are at ages 62 and 70 out on the street tomorrow morning being about 900 miles away from home and having to regroup and get enough rest somewhere so we will be able to drive home. What a dissapointment.

If anyone has any ideas about how we can get out of this mess as easily as possible. We don't want to leave this mess for our children to have to clean up.

Monetary Loss: $40000.

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What most people do not know is that if you purchased your T'S outright (no financing) and are willing to cut your losses and stop paying the high point costs and not being able to vacation anywhere.....JUST WALK AWAY! If your T'S IS NOT FINANCED, they have NO claim against you.

Just stop paying the points and never look back. If you don't pay your points all they can do is lock you out of using your T'S until or unless you decide to pay up on the points, then you will be reinstated, but only if you have no financing on your T'S. They already have your money and are using your T'S and have already resold and/or rented it out to others over and over again. Be sure to check with your State's rules first.

Living in NC, we were protected from them putting a lien against ANY of our assets just for point costs.

So, you may have an easy way out if you do your own research and are willing to cut your losses rather than throwing good money after bad ..GOOD WISHES!

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