Madison, Wisconsin
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At Home & Garden show Bluegreens booth shows Mt Olympus Resort Wis. Dells waterpark , theme park ect.

Bluegreen reps make claim 3 days/2nights $99.00 at Mt Olympus no blackout dates. Call within 7 days. Just so rooms are available. You just need take a 90-120min sales presentation.

Total scam Mt Olympus has many rooms availabile but not for Bluegreen not even one room for the summer and just a few on the off months. Mt Olympus told me " We scratch each others back" They use are name and we fill our rooms during off season.

Just lie to the costumer & their children. Now what do you tell your children?The bluegreen rep Barbara Sue Leonard told my children ages 8 & 14 they would have the time of there life at Mt Olympus.

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Some of the bluegreen reps are just as susceptible to scams as their customers. You have to think: the marketers are paid minimal, and harassed to sell.

Many times the marketers don't even have the full story that goes on behind the scenes. Before blowing up someone's name, search for the source above that individual.

Critical Thinking. Always a plus.


What terrible English. I don't know what you are trying to say. You ever hear of proof reading?


UK owner is an irreputable "cleaner" for Bluegreen . Please do your research before becoming an "owner.".

Bluegreen is a scam.... Already found guilty on many charges against the public. PA won a class action suit. Many other suits are forming.

Save yourself the trauma of what other victims are having to resort to.

If you really want to go there... Just buy the wristbands....will save you thousands in the end.....

Or perhaps a nice "staycation" at home. Just don't be another victim of this scam.


If you are a Bluegreen owner then yeas you do get 4 free wrist bands for Mt Olympus Bluegreen Odyssey Dells resort is right next door below is from the owners website

Other notes: Each Bluegreen owner/member reservation receives four (4) wristbands at no charge to use at outdoor (seasonal) and indoor facilities. A limit of two additional wristbands can be purchased for each reservation for a discounted price of $20.00 per person per day plus tax at the Mt Olympus/Hotel Rome front desk. The purchased wristbands are good for 24 hours. Prices are subject to change. Children age two and younger do not require

So all you have to do is become an Owner .... simple

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