Franklin Park, Illinois
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I bought at Big Cedar Lodge near Branson, MO. The sells guy told me it was a home away from home.

Just call a week in advance and we will get in either the lodge or cabin. Once we bought I tried for a year to into this place. I would get the same old run a round we are booked. Now I have had this property for several years and never used it.

I never have paid my maintenance fees, but I am still paying monthly payments on the property.

I would just give the property back to Bluegreen if I could get out of the monthly payments. If anyone has done this please let me know.


Monetary Loss: $9.

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Todd darling how do you sleep at nights knowing that you have told us a great big fat bag of lies.

If you dont pay your fees then Bluegreen foreclose on you (rightly so).

So Toddy boy less of the *** please or I may have to kiss and tell


We bought a package from Bass Pro Shops for a 4 day 3 night stay at Branson. When I phoned I asked if there was anyway to stay at Big Cedar Lodge.

We paid 100.00 extra to stay at the Lodge (not Blue/Green)

At check in th desk clerk asked if we would like a cabin, of course we would like a cabin. Our stay was great, except for the sales pitch we had to endure. We bought a 10,000 point sample package, we were told it would cover a two bedroom cabin for a week.....NOT.

If you have the chance to stay at Big Cedar, jump on it............look at Blue Green real careful before you sign anything and read the booklet on all the sites and how many points it takes to stay. Of our 10,000 it took 8,000 for a 2 bedroom in the lodge, not a cabin, for a week.

We have 2,000 left but don't think we will be able to use them before they go bad. LUCK


are you telling us porkie pies here Todd

you say you have never paid your MF if that is so then your credit rating must be well into minus by now

If you dont pay MF the Bluegreen put it in the hands of a debt recovery agent.

and just one more point if your account is not up to date ie mf then dear Todd


so come on less of the porkie pies and mor of the truth please


I tried that and even reported Bluegreen to the Attorney General and got no where, then we were called in for an update at Bluegreen resort close to us and went in and they gave us the new book and dinner tickets and said they could not talk to us because I reported them. They asked us to come in for an update then treated us like dirt!


A few people have been successful getting their money back by compaining via the Better Business Bureau. Hopefully , you have kept records of your reservation attempts to show them.

Good Luck!