Roanoke, Virginia
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My wife and I have owned with Bluegreen for about 6-7 years, and I must say we have been more than pleased. Reservations have never been an issue.

Yes, you may not get your first choice, but being flexible is key. Also, we don't try to book a week at a time, we break our trips up in to long weekends throughout the year, and still we roll points over yearly. We have upgraded once, and agreed to update again, but chnaged our minds after we got home. Well, it just took one phone call and one written statement to cancel the upgrade with no questions asked.

Recently, we had to cancel the day before because I had to have emergency surgery and we were able to reschedule for about a month later with no issues whatsoever. Same resort and everything. The reps we speak with are always very helpful and courteous. I would give my experience with Bluegreen an 8.5 out of 10.

And the only reason I say 8.5 is because the maintenance fees are pretty steep. But you know what? They even let us break those out in to three separate payments to pay it off.

Bluegreen is great!

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