Richmond, Virginia

I recently took advantage of a marketing package to the Fountains in Orlando. The 4 nights for the price was good. The catch is I had to attend an owners update. This started out as a very friendly review of what we had. Then we were told that there were several changes being made and the only way to take advantage of them was to do a mandatory upgrade and the min upgrade was 5000 points. My wife and I turned that down. Then the hardsell double team started. Mary Martin was our sales rep and she brought in her manager who insulted and belittled us for not understanding the benefits we would be giving up. He left to "notify corporate". He returned with a 4000 point offer. We declined. I told Mary that I felt insulted and it was time to end this and that the salesmanager had better not return. Now another sales rep moved in to advise we could by 3000 points and take advantage of the upgrade. We did finally take advantage of the 3000 points to upgrade the contract, get it to an annual contract and get the unlimited RCI bonus time. Mary told us that the 4000 bonus points we would get for the upgrade were unrestricted. The form was not given to us until the next day and they were exactly what I had told her were worthless to me. They could only be used during blue or white weeks. I returned the next day to speak with Mary and all I got was I thought they were unrestricted. I told her she was a liar and all I got was I'm sorry and I thought they were unrestricted. I was lied to in this case about the points that had to be purchased and the bonus points. When I originally bought I was lied to as well about how the bi annual contracts worked.

I have never had a problem that wasn't taken care of with the Resorts, but the Sales department are several steps under the stereotyped used car salesman. They lie and smile and smile and lie just to make the sale.

I have now filed a complaint with the Florida, Virginia and Nevada attornies general. I have not heard back from any of them. I expect Virginia will respond the quickest as I live in Virginia and Know the current Attorney General.

My best advise is expect to be lied to and ask for written verification of everything you are told and read it carefully. Have it signed by the licensed broker that each property needs to have. The sales manager's word is worthless.

The bright spot in this incident at the Fountains is that I placed a digital recorder on the table and recorded the entire discussion. That was snet with each of my complaint letters.

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Just a comment, in the state of Virginia, the sales people are working directly for the builder( Bluegreen). A licensed real estate broker is not needed. All you need to remember is the word NO.


me and my wife went in to talk to a sales rep and was disrespected.i have been trying to get incontact with the cliams department . "im am not getting a answer" .so after i write this comment im taken a drive out to martel beach, and pay blue green a visit.:(


this owner update is nothing more than a high pressure sales pitch. I was just at an owner update at laurel crest.

the staff at the resort are wonderful-front desk and maintenance but the sales staff are the sleeziest group of people, I don't know how they sleep at night. I bought two time shares one directly from them, never explained about years of annual fees, no resale value, and the lack of respect you get each time you contact their corporate office. if you buy a time share at bluegreen indirectly,bluegreen wont give you full benefit of that time share in point value and owner benefits, they wanted to charge me another $15,000 to get the full benefit to something I already owned. You buy a residentil property, you own the full house, no ifs or buts, you own all the amenities that come to that home, you buy points from outside of Bluegeen you loose value.

What I say is there is no resale value in timeshares, you get less than 30 cents on the dollar, nobody wants your time share. they, the sales staff, know this but omit that significant peice of info!


:? Of you were pressured and lied to...

why did you buy?

Maybe I am not the sharpest tack in the box, but that seems a little ***. Just me (shrugs)


so I take it you have made reservations in blue/white weeks and deposited them with RCI and picked up a nice red week or was that to much trouble


Dont understand why, If you were pressured or felt uncomfortable, that you purchased the upgrade anyway.